Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanksgiving: Freak Out Level 3

Have I mentioned that I am hosting Thanksgiving this year?

I know. Isn't that huge?

I am hosting my mom's side of the family, which I believe will be 15 adults and 4 children, on Thanksgiving Day. I have absolutely positively no idea what I'm doing.

I'm excited to have everyone over, several of them haven't been to the new house yet. And it means a little less travel (we'll still going to my dad's later in the weekend). Plus others are bringing things, so I won't be making the entire menu.

Prior to today, I was of the "I'll figure it out" mindset. But then last night I saw this commercial for Target about this woman who's hosting her first Thanksgiving. And she's going to Target! To get everything she needs at an affordable price!

Huh? Everything she needs?

So today I've been making this list in my head:

What exactly are we going to eat?

How much turkey do I get for 15 people?

Don't I have to get it in time to thaw it or something?

Do I even have 15 chairs?

Do I have 15 matching plates?

Do I have a decent tablecloth?

What time should we eat to avoid tired-child meltdowns?

Are there any Thanksgiving desserts that are chocolate?

The good news is: my mom is coming the night before, and she has prepared many a Thanksgiving meal. But tonight I'm going to make a list so the freak out level doesn't keep notching up.


Giselle said...

You'll do great! I have fixed many a Thanksgiving meal (although I think 8 adults and 4 kids is the most I've done). It feels really good to serve and know you've gotten Thanksgiving together. At least you'll have your mom there to help :)

I suggest the Reynold's roasting bag for the turkey. No basting, and always a moist yummy turkey at the end.

Good luck!

Charity said...

Definitely plan on buying and thawing the turkey ahead of time. I always feel like it takes more time to thaw than they say, too.

As you know, Target's goal and ALL company's goal is essentially to make us (the consumer) not content with what we have and convinced we need to buy more! Obviously that was an incredibly effective commercial... Do you really NEED 15 matching plates, though? ;-)
I love this post. It shows the kind of thought process us girls go through when hosting or doing anything new. Sometimes I think (some) guys think Thanksgiving food and all works are magical and just throw themselves together.

Good luck figuring this stuff out. Don't panic, though! It will be great and by that I mean, your family will come and food will be had. All the other stuff is just bonus! :-)

Oma Froehle said...

We've got it covered, Babe. It will be a snap. Just remember . . . it's about the people.

Do you remember the year we had it at our house and the coil in the oven melted in 2 pieces on Monday before Thanksgiving. On Wednesday night before the big day, Dad and Grandpa tore the built-in oven out of the wall and installed a new one. They didn't finish until about 11 p.m. It was a GREAT Thanksgiving, too. :-)