Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Forgive me if I'm a bit distracted. The kids and I are all in various stages of colds (the kind that come with fevers), we had 5 family members here this weekend for an awesome but tiring visit (pics later when my SIL sends them to me, I was too lazy to get the camera out), and I'm kinda freaking out about this Thursday. I'm hoping and praying that we'll be well enough to still have my family over and not send them home with germies. And I'm kinda whipped by this cold, so I haven't had the energy to get much together yet. Thank goodness Brian is taking a half day tomorrow and my mom will be here tomorrow night. See, I feel better already. It'll be ok.

In fact, "kinda whipped" is a good description of how I've been feeling for the past 7 weeks since we found out we were having this little one. About 12 hours after I took a positive pregnancy test, I was flat on my back with The Flu (swine or otherwise, who knows, but it was rough nonetheless). So were the kids, and a week later, so was Brian. About the time I got over that, the nausea started. About a week into that I had a period of 24 hours where I could not stop vomiting. At the time I thought it was pregnancy, but now I think I had the stomach flu. The only positive thing about that was that it made me appreciate my baseline of just "feeling like crap," because at least I could get out of bed and keep things down. The good news is that for the day to day nausea and tiredness, this first trimester has been the best of the three that I've experienced. I don't feel well, but it's not nearly as bad as previous times. I'm SO thankful for that. And it's starting to dissipate now, and I'm 11 weeks tomorrow. (As opposed to my first pregnancy, where it lasted until about 19 weeks)

So it hasn't been the most fun first trimester, but we are really excited to welcome number 3 to our family next summer. My due date is June 16th, about 4 weeks after Katy's fourth birthday. If this baby takes after the older siblings, s/he will be born on June 17th. (Wouldn't that be crazy if I had 3 babies on the day after their due date?)

There's lots more brewing in my head, abouts boys and girls, transitions with each new kid, ideal family size, etc. But we'll save those for another day. Lots of time until next June...

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Pam said...

Swine flu, stomach flu, morning sickness...
I do believe it's time that you got some good luck on the health front. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is a breeze!
Happy Thanksgiving Em. XXX