Monday, November 16, 2009

MAJOR accomplishment

I guess back in the 60's, they didn't make garages like they do today, where you can easily park 2 cars inside and still have workbenches and bikes all around. I suppose they also didn't drive minivans. But the garage at our house is tight. Of course, I'm very thankful to have a garage at all, the first in my adult life. But even if we took every single item out of there, it would still be very tight to put 2 cars inside. So our goal for this winter was one car. And it took quite a bit of organizing, rearranging, pitching and storing. But alas...

It's actually so much effort to get it in there, and so tight to get the kids in, that I will only pull in when it's the dead of winter. Otherwise it's just easier to park outside.


Charity said...

Well.... At least you have a driveway!!! ;-)
Oh, and a yard! A BIG one.

Weed said...

Congrats on getting it in! We have the same problem. The first few years we were here we were able to park my (smallish) car in there (our truck is another story!), but as my husband's woodworking hobby has grown, so has his number of tools, therefore eliminating any space for cars!! We haven't parked anything in there for several years.