Sunday, November 23, 2008

Maybe Another Day

This is Katy's new favorite phrase. Except it sounds like, "Maybe 'nudder day." It stems from her constant requests to do things that aren't reasonable (can we go to the zoo? can we go swimming? can we see our out-of-state cousins?), to which I respond, "Not today, maybe another day."

What's funny is how she is now using it to talk herself out of everything that comes to her mind.

*Yesterday as we were leaving swimming lessons, we were walking past the pool, and Katy had maintained her composure better than the last two weeks (we were able to get out of the pool without a fit).
Katy: The pool's closed. Nobody swimmin'.
Me: Yep, bye-bye, pool, we'll see you next week!
K: We go swimmin'. Maybe 'nudder day.

*On the way out of the rec center, Katy spotted some idols: 9 year old girls!! Playing volleyball!
K: What're they doin', Mom? They playing soccer!
M: It's called volleyball. They're hitting the ball over the net.
K: I wanna play volleyball!
M: We can watch for a minute, but those are big girls. You can play volleyball when you're a bigger girl.
K: I play volleyball, maybe 'nudder day.
M: Maybe you can play volleyball with your cousins next week.
K: Cousins' big girls. I see cousins 'nudder day.

*Driving home we saw the Good Year Blimp (there might've been a football game or something :)
K: Look, Mommy! A rocket!
M: Yeah, it's called a blimp.
K: Can I fly in the rocket?
M: No, it's too high.
K: Maybe 'nudder day.

Yes, Katy, maybe 'nudder day.


Giselle said...

So so sweet. I can just hear her saying it.

Weed said...

So funny! Rachel does the same thing except she says, "maybe later," but it sounds like, "maybe waiter."

Jen said...

Katy is so funny!

Kelsey said...

That is both sweet and hilarious - the kind of thing you'll probably remember with a little sniffle one day. :-)