Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby Doc Report

We went to the pediatrician, and I was so nervous that I felt sick in the waiting room. Looking back, that was really ridiculous. The appointment went really well. The stitches look good, and the finger is healing, which means the tip is healthy (yay!). They showed us a new way to wrap it which I think will be easier to keep on him, and gave us lots of supplies. So now we have to clean and bandage his hand a couple of times a day, and wait for it to finish healing. But the craziest part was that they thought it might be healed within a week - what?!? I was assuming this was going to be a long mess. But a week? I can handle a week. Hopefully their estimation is accurate.

Special bonus diagnosis: while we were there, I mentioned that he's had a cold on and off for 6 weeks and has currently been coughing for over a week. So they checked him out and confirmed that it's just a cold. Which is great because it was falling in the, "I-wonder-if-I-should-take-him-in-to-make-sure-this-isn't-something-more-serious-but-it's-probably-not-and-I-don't-want-to-waste-the-copay" category.


Weed said...

Hooray! I'm sure you're so relieved. A week is awesome!

Kelsey said...

Oh I'm so glad things are healing well. Those babies have amazing healing properties!

Michael has a similar cold thing going on right now, but the last time he had a cold it also became an ear infection and croup. I took him to the doctor today just to rule out anything worse than a bad cold and he is fine, just sounds miserable.

I hope all of David is feeling better soon.

Oma Froehle said...

Great news about Baby David! They are miraculous little healers!

How's my Katy girl? I miss her, too.