Wednesday, November 19, 2008

6 more

Pam tagged me for a "6 things" meme. My mom answered the call, and I have to admit that even I learned a couple of things about her. So hmmm...I'll try to think of 6 things that y'all might not know about me.

1. I was in band in high school. I had played the flute through 9th grade, but then they had 14 flutes and no oboes, so they paid for me to have private oboe lessons if I would switch. Learning to play the oboe was pretty tough, and it was almost impossible at first for me to play in tune but play quietly. The solution? My teacher had me stuff a hair scrunchy up inside my oboe. I played concerts and contests with a scrunchy up my oboe.

2. I was one of a handful of people who took band but didn't do marching band. I opted out because I wanted to play tennis, which was about the only sport I had ever played semi-well. But everyone in marching band was really close because they spent all their evenings and weekends together, and I only had 4th period with them. So I was actually a band reject. I'm not kidding.

3. I didn't remember this until just now, but my oboe teacher taught me to make my own reeds. I had to soak pieces of cane in water and then shave them with with razor blades into a specific shape. The whole experience was very odd, because I remember thinking, "Once I graduate from high school, I'll probably never touch another oboe." I'm pretty sure I was right.

4. Once when I was 16, I was supposed to pick my little sister up from day care and take her to piano lesson. I picked her up and then ran out of gas on the way. A nice guy stopped and pushed me to the gas station nearby, and then waited for me to put gas in the car to make sure that it would start once I did. I was too embarrassed to tell him that I didn't have any money (and no credit card back then, of course), so I just pumped a dollar's worth, started the car, and said "Thanks!" Then after he left, my sister and I dug some change out of the seats, but I still didn't have enough. I went inside and cried to the cashier, who made me fill out an I.O.U for 35 cents. My sister was late for her piano lesson.

5. I've worked in several restaurants, including waiting tables at Bob Evans and Applebee's, but perhaps my favorite was the drive-thru at Fazoli's. I loved wearing the head set and keeping up with the flow of taking orders, collecting money, and bagging food. I still like to eat at all 3 of these places.

6. For a fundraiser in high school, I sold bags of vidalia onions out of the back of a van in a gas station parking lot.

If you have a blog and you'd like to do 6 things - consider yourself tagged!


Weed said...

Those are funny....I was in band, too (as you found out in my tooth story a month or two ago...). I loved the IOU for 35 cents story--did you pay him back??

Emily said...

Yes, Weed. I made a special trip back to the gas station, and of course a different cashier was there and didn't know what I was talking about, but I paid off my debt!

Pam said...

The oboe and petrol stories are hilarious!!! If I had been stood behind you at the gas station, I'd have given you 35 cents.

Jen said...

I am proud to say that I was the one that usually wore the other drive-thru headset when we worked at Fazoli's together. I have some fun memories of that summer (insert sound of "toilet flushing" here). =)