Saturday, November 29, 2008

Help for the Jolly Fat Man

Question for you about toys: Katy loves this laptop. She's obsessed with it. I think it's because she sees Brian and I click-clacking away on it so much, so she thinks it MUST be pretty important. She also loves toy laptops. If we're at a friends' house who has one, all self-control is out the window as she obsesses over it. When we go to the library, she makes a bee-line for the computer and stays there until I make her get up.

So I've looked at a couple of them. Some are just free-standing toys. And then some are actually USB keyboards that attach to your computer and then have software with educational games. Like this one. Seems pretty intense. It says it's for ages 6 and up, and it's pretty pricey. Plus you have to buy the software in addition to this piece. Does anyone have any recommendation for something similar that would be more geared toward younger kids and more economical?
Otherwise I'll just get her some more play-doh and call it a day.


Jen said...

Check the link above. It is similar to a laptop that we bought Ellie last Christmas. She loves it!

Kelsey said...

I sent you an email with my thoughts/suggestions!

PAM said...

I thought about it too but am not going to do the laptop/game/tv thing yet I think. It's hard to really know what the advantages and disadvantages are of those kinds of presents. I'll be interested to see what kind of feedback you get and what you decide to do - please blog about it.

Kate said...

Yes-- I thought this looked cool, too. But then realistically I thought it's probably like the whole pretend cell-phone thing.

If it ain't the REAL thing and they can't cause trouble with it, they won't play with it.

I'd get a baby mouse and then link to some fun early childhood sites like,,, etc.