Saturday, November 15, 2008

I know my daughter is short, but...

We got these pants as a hand-me-down from my generous in-laws (who aren't vertically challenged like we are), and Brian and I both think they are super cute, but is Katy really that short? These are 24 months, and I just don't understand why the waist is so long?
Baby finger update: we had to re-apply the bandage again today, so we got to look at the finger more closely. The nail part looks bad, but I'm not sure how it's supposed to look at this point. I think the tip part looks good. Visibly better than the day before, so I think that's good news. I'm really anxious for our appointment on Monday.
We are beginning to prepare for a long-anticipated trip over the week of Thanksgiving. Brian's mom asked us 18 months ago (before I even knew we'd have David) if she could treat the whole family to a Disney cruise. (The bene's of having a travel agent for a Mother-in-law!) Katy will be absolutely thrilled with the whole experience, which will include grandparents, cousins, swimming, and Disney characters. So that's exciting, and we are looking forward to all the time with family. But this will be our first time flying with the kids. So does anyone have any advice for me? What have been your keys to flying success? Is there anything that you can't take through security that isn't obvious?


Pam said...

Hey Emily,
Those pants look huge! Jack's still wearing 24 months as he's so skinny. I always buy pants with those adjustable waist bands for that reason.
Let us know how Monday goes - I hope his finger heals okay.
Great deal on the cruise!!!
My advice on flying with a toddler & baby: take the stroller &/or reins. Keeping kids close while stood in line is otherwise a nightmare. Take lots of snacks and toys. A pencil and paper is a good idea too for Katy to scribble. Plan as much as you can for a delay - extra wipes/diapers/snacks

bluedaisy said...

Those pants look interesting- are you supposed to roll the waist or something? Hmmm... I can't help much with travel info but the cruise sounds awesome!! What a cool trip :) Isn't there some security thing about formula/breastmilk and bottles? Like you have to bring them a certain way? I know, I'm not helping but hopefully someone else can clarify!

Erin said...

We flew with both kids when Emmett was 11 months and Cal was 2.5. They were pretty strict about the quart sized ziplock rule with regards to fluids/ gels. We had to purchase vaseline (our boys get really red butts) when we got there. Through security, my husband had a whole "plan." I took just the boys, and he kept track of all the stuff. I pulled the boys' shoes off, but otherwise I just held Cal's hand & carried Emmett while Brett handled the stroller and diaper bag and camera, etc. That system worked well for us.

My only advice is SNACKS. Lots of snacks. And a portable dvd if you have one. And binkies, if they still take them. And lots of deep breathing.

You'll be fine!

Kelsey said...

Harper's peanut allergy has kept us off a plane with her, so I have no advice for you there. Sorry!

I think kids' clothes sizing is even weirder than adults. Harper wears everything from a 4T to a 6 (seriously!) depending on who makes the item. It's annoying.