Friday, May 30, 2008

My week in pictures

Katy has been so sweet lately, initiating lots of hugs and kisses. What did I do to deserve this?

This little guys is getting more interactive, it's fun to see. He's smiling more frequently and definitely recognizes mom and dad.

I bought Katy this Leap Frog DVD about the alphabet on deep deep discount (thanks, Maureen), and I plopped it in about a month ago because she's been interested in her letter puzzles and magnets. Well, after watching it maybe a dozen times, she knows all her letters and what sound they make. She can even find the letters of her name (and put them in order with help, of course). This blows my mind - she is such a sponge right now.
I feel sorry for my son. I feel like he doesn't get enough of my attention, and I'm always just doing for him what needs to be done (rather than spending extra time just playing with him and stimulating his development). I can already tell that he isn't doing things that Katy was doing at this age, but probably just because he doesn't get as much face time.

For her birthday, I got Katy a craft caddy which included some paints and brushes. She is in LOVE with painting right now. Her favorite part is rinsing out the brush.

Last night Katy had a bad dream and woke up screaming. Brian went down to get her (bless him), and when he walked into the room, she was " perched on the crib rail, legs dangling like Humpty Dumpty." He said she looked scared, like what do I do now? So....any suggestions for this one? I was really hoping to put off the Big Girl Bed for a little longer, just because I don't want to battle her getting out of bed when I'm still getting up at night with a little one.


Giselle said...

So cute! How do you not just take bites out of those rosy-apple cheeks?

And try not to worry too much about David. I was so worried about Lily for the same reasons. But it is amazing what the second child does FASTER because they have a little role model running around. Lily has a better pencil grip right now than Andrew did at 4 years old. Because there have always been crayons lying around my messy house for her to practice with. ;) Stuff like that.

And I SWEAR by that Leap Frog DVD. And it is actually a cute little DVD...not annoying or to pushy-educational.

Pam said...

The kids look great! Katy is SO advanced, so clever, so please don't worry about David. I think little boys do things in their own time.
Bite the bullet my friend and do the big girl bed. It's not that bad, I promise.
I'll have to get one of those DVDs. We never watch TV or DVDs with him but I think it's time as he needs some fun alphabet time.

Kelsey said...

We like that DVD too. As for the bed. . . Harper fell out of her crib ON her second birthday. By then she was old enough to understand that if she climbed out she'd get hurt. I would remind her of it once in a while and she NEVER tried again. We didn't get a big girl bed until four or five months after that incident. So you could try just making a rule about it, but if she does it more than once more I would probably move to the bed. When we got Harper's big girl bed we put knob things on the door so she couldn't wander around in the middle of the night.

Cute pictures!!!

Oma Froehle said...

The best thing to do about the crib (my advice) would be to leave the railing down. If Katy has learned to climb over, she might hurt herself trying to climb the rail in the high position. She is old enough to tell her the "rules" about getting out of bed and what she is supposed to do if she wakes up. Call it a transition to the big girl bed.

You may be surprised that she likes the security of the crib rails and won't try to get out unless she's sick or frightened.

Can she open her bedroom door?

Erin said...

Oh no. OH NO! More talk about big kid beds! ARG. This seems to be a trend in toddlerdom this week. I cannot take it. I want to keep BARS ON THEIR CAGES for as long as possible. I am sorry for your troubles in that regard.

More importantly, your children are beautiful. I HEAR you on the sponge thing. It is amazing what they just learn without any actual teaching.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to what many of the moms said about the big girl bed - she's ready. We transitioned Lauren at about 22 months and just put a gate at her door. Worked great. No problems. She actually loved it because then we could read bedtime stories WITH her IN BED! The kids are too cute. Love reading about them!