Thursday, May 08, 2008

6 weeks

So far the little respiratory virus has stayed just that. No rushing to the ER, just some coughing and a little carrying on. I've noticed several people with colds this week, so I think he just picked something up. *shew*

A lot moms of young children say that they first 6 weeks with a new baby is the hardest. Well, here we are, 6 weeks into it, so can I look forward to a downhill slope? That remains to be seen, but even though the last 6 weeks have been challenging and tiring in some ways, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed them. I've mentioned before that this was not the case with Katy's newborn period, so that's a nice change this time around.

But here's the status on my 6 week old:

  • He likes to eat, just like his parents.

  • He wishes he were a tummy sleeper, but his mommy is too paranoid.

  • He loves to suck, and we are soooo thankful for the pacifier.

  • I think he is smiling at me. It's gradually looking more certain.

  • He has yet to have a bottle, which I'm starting to think may come back to bite me if he decides he doesn't like that option.

  • He's starting to make some vocalizations besides crying, and I forgot how cute that is.

  • Most of the time he fusses for a reason.

  • If he decides he's not tired, it's very difficult to get him to go to sleep. Especially at 3am.

  • There's something comforting about the position of his car seat - bless him.

I can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks will bring...


Pam said...

Ohhh, I love to see him! His personality is so much like Jack's at that age.
He's gorgeous Emily and you should both be very proud.
I bought your little ones a gift each today so I'll drop them off on my way home. Hope the little guy is awake:-)

Pam said...
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Oma Froehle said...

That David is a sweetheart! I'm glad he has renewed your faith in the newborn stage. I really isn't bad most of the time. Katy had a rough start.

Hugs and kisses for both babies from Opa and Oma!

Erin said...

How do you not EAT him? He is such an adorable rolly poly. I LOVE rolly babies. Seriously, Emily. He's so cute I can barely stand it.

It's really cool to me that our experiences (with first and second) have been so similar. It's definitely not easy the second time around, but it's much more manageable. And somehow it IS easier to enjoy certain moments.

Also, I love the poll you're doing about Mother's Day. I voted for the chef. I HATE DINNER TIME.

Mommy Daisy said...

David is such a cutie! He sounds like a perfect little 6 week old baby. Adorable to boot!