Saturday, March 01, 2008

Great Room Exchange: check

Okay, I've talked it up for long enough, it's time for photos. If you've visited this blog much in the last few months, no doubt you've heard me complain about The Great Room Exchange. Despite recent delays in getting the crib, we went ahead and moved Katy into her new room with her old crib. I wanted to give her a chance to get settled in her new place before another major life adjustment in a few weeks. (Nap was brief today. Let's hope tonight goes better.) So I am breathing a major sigh of relief as I post this summary of the GRE.

Rooms rearranged: 4

Rooms repainted: 1

Pieces of furniture given away: 7

Visitors to our home to collect unwanted furniture: 7

Pieces of furniture accumulated: 5

Closets/storage spaces emptied and reorganized: 10

Large garbage bags taken to Goodwill: 8

Large garbage bags taken to garbage: 15

Trips to Target to purchase items related to this project: countless

Months to complete this project: 3

Days to spare before due date: 25

At last, photos:

Master bedroom before:

Bed awkwardly crammed into corner space

Katy's swing, which is currently homeless

Master bedroom after:

New bed, more space, deal-of-the-century bedding

Corner space rearranged to accommodate Brian's office (see below)

Brian's office before:

This was the space where Brian was allowed to do whatever he wanted

Brian's office, i.e. new guest room after:

Now offering queen size accommodations for our guests, but not much else...

Guest room (and sewing room and storage area before):

You can't tell, but this is actually quite a large room

And this angle doesn't do any better...

Guest room, i.e. new Big Girl Room after:

My mom helped me make these curtains, lined with room darkening shades for nap time

The quilt will be the bedspread when we move to a Big Girl bed, and this dresser was generously donated by Weed.

This table is a temporary solution, and these toys are why we had such a brief nap today.

And just for fun, we added another one...

Guest bathroom before:

"Decorated" mostly with college leftovers

Hard to tell, but the shower curtain is a pretty lavender and silver shimmer

And I can't believe how much of a difference new towels and new pictures can make

And ironically, the only room untouched...

The Nursery (which will be outfitted with a new crib when we get the hardware by next week):

Katy's old crib... now in her new room

New Baby's new room - hope he likes it...

So what do you think? Was it worth all that effort? I'm not doing this again for a few more years, if I can help it.


Jen said...

Wow, you've been busy. Everything looks great. I hope to get the grand tour when we have girls' day out on the 13th.

Weed said...

Looks really great!! Love that white dresser by the way.... :)

Oma Froehle said...

A monumental task accomplished! Congratulations, you are ready . . . for the most part. :-)

I especially like the bathroom and am working on the valance this afternoon. Your curtains for Katy's room turned out GREAT! And Brian did his usual magic hanging curtain rods and moving furniture and all that guy stuff we can't live without! (Thanks, Brian.)

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, it looks great, Emily. Your rooms all look pretty large. I'm jealous. My son's room is in major need or rearranging/reorganizing or something. Maybe I should recruit you. At this point I don't know where we'd put another baby (maybe that's why we're stalling on that front).

Jen said...

Yeah, I got the PC stuff from Joan yesterday at church. Thanks for sending it down. =)

Pam said...

It all looks great. So now it's all ready what will you do for the next three weeks? Put your feet up hopefully!

Greg said...

>where Brian was allowed to do whatever he wanted

How novel! Please talk to your mother....