Friday, March 07, 2008

per grandparental request... of the namesake of this blog:

We've gotten some snow, and we're supposed to get a bunch more. The forecast actually says "Blizzard." Are you kidding me? When Brian got home from work, he went out to shovel and took Katy with him (for which I am thankful. She loves to play in the snow, but I cannot zip my coat or fasten my boots at this point, and I feel so badly that she's stuck inside with such a swollen mom). She came back inside crying because she didn't want to come in, even though her cheeks were as red as they come.

Watching a video while cuddling with baby. Lately she's been obsessed with her babies. We even took one of them to storytime this week (big mistake on my part, as baby caused a ruckus among the other toddlers). I'm hopeful that this means she'll at least be somewhat loving to New Baby. Until, of course, she realizes how much of mom's attention he demands. Then the honeymoon, I assume, will be over.


Mommy Daisy said...

Aww, she's so cute. I bet she'll be a great, loving sister.

Giselle said...

She'll probably love the new baby...until he becomes mobile and gets into her stuff. That's when the s**t hits the fan. ;)

So cute! I LOVE those big red cheeks. ;) How come my 4 year old won't enjoy the snow, but your 2 year old does?