Sunday, February 24, 2008

First time caller, a new blog, and impatience

This morning we had to make a phone call that I hope we never have to make again: Poison Control. This story makes me feel a little sheepish. Sometimes on the weekends, my wonderful husband gets up with Katy and lets me sleep in (especially when I'm pregnant and not sleeping well in general). So this morning I was snoozing away when Brian abruptly entered the bedroom. He was carrying my daughter (who seemed completely fine) and the box of Cascade dishwasher detergent. I could tell he was panicked. I was still a little groggy, but he explained that he had been unloading the dishwasher (again, me = sheepish), and looked over at Katy and noticed her hands in her mouth and a funny look on her face. He then noticed that not all of the detergent has been rinsed from the soap container, and that there were chunks of detergent left behind. He asked Katy to open her mouth, and sure enough, it was laced with white specks. "Did you eat this?" he asked, and she confirmed with a confused looking nod.

That's the part where he burst into the bedroom. I think being half asleep helped me not to completely freak out. But I also thought: how much could she have consumed? and it is something that we use to clean our dishes, which we eat off of, so it can't be that bad, right? So we looked on the box and said to give her a glass of water or milk and call Poison Control. Brian made the call, while I supervised the completely oblivious whirlwind that is my kid.

We were instantly reassured by the phone call, as they said that usually the worst that happens is that it burns their mouth. They said not to be worried if she vomits once or twice, but to seek assistance if she were to start vomitting alot. So we kept an eye on her throughout the morning, and she never seemed to feel sick at all. So apparently she didn't swallow very much, thank God. Poison Control called back to check on her and offered to send us a free Poison Control packet. Say it with me, everyone: sheepish.


I tried something new in the bargain hunting arena this week: I went to Meijer. In a very calculated effort, I got the following loot, 30 items, for less than $12.

I cannot take any credit at all for this, because I never would have figured it out if it weren't for my friend Beth, who has taken the deal-searching world by storm. She has even started a blog where we can all copy her brilliance.


Finally, I'm struggling with a little impatience. Or maybe it's anxiety. My big plan for today was that I would finally be posting the before and after pictures of the Great Room Exchange. But we've had one more delay, so Katy wasn't able to move into her new room this weekend as planned. We received a crib from someone at church who so generously offered to give it to us, but we've had trouble connecting with them to pick it up. Finally this weekend we did, and we got it home to discover that we don't have all the hardware we need or the instructions on how to assemble it. So we're working on that, but it will probably be another week or so before we can get it together. But I'm starting to get anxious because I'm due in 4 weeks and I just like to have things (like a place for the baby to sleep) in place. Not that I'm expecting to go early, but you know... just in case.

I'm also feeling impatient because I'm getting so uncomfortable. I don't want to go early, but I'm having a hard time imagining another 4 weeks like this. I won't give you a laundry list of complaints, but the biggest one is the carpal tunnel. It hurts me throughout the day, anytime I do anything with my hands, and it wakes me up throughout the night. The last time I went to the doctor she said that they could send me to a specialist to get a steroid shot. I'm not sure if I want to go down that road, but maybe it would be worth it for some better sleep, if nothing else.

Okay!!! Enough whining from me. Back to our regularly scheduled program...


Kelsey said...

Ah, I can't believe I never put our poison control story on the my blog -- maybe because I was the one in charge when it happened. I'm sorry you are having such discomfort -- these boys are all kinds of trouble already, aren't they? Hang in there and I hope you have some relief soon, one way or another.

Mommy Daisy said...

Detergent? Boy, she is a wild thing. ;) Glad everyone's ok, though.

GREAT DEALS! I will have to try this at Meijer soon. And I will definiately check out your friend's blog. I have added the Money Saving Mom blog to my reader thanks to your recommendation. I don't get into all the drug store shopping like they do, but it's nice to get ideas and see printable coupons for things that I might use.

Good luck on the room changing and nesting. I can't blame you for wanting it done right now. I know I had it all done at that point in my pregnancy. You won't want to hassle with it much longer.

Pam said...

Glad the little tyke is okay - washing detergant! I would love to have seen the face she made to Brian.
I don't blame you for being impatient about the room. I would be too. If Brian needs some crib-building help Craig's pretty handy and we can play with the kids!

Oma Froehle said...

Next trip to CVS, get some Syrup of Ipecac. No house with a toddler should be without it.

Katy, Katy, Katy!!!!!