Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hair Help Needed

Ok, I could probably use some advice about my own 'do, but this time I'm talking about my daughter. So here's the situation: she's never had a haircut, and lately, it's looking a little rough around the edges. It isn't exactly growing in evenly: it's long in the back (think rat tail - New Kids on the Block style), growing over her ears, and still pretty thin on top. Sometimes it happens to lay ok, and looks fine. Other times I feel like people must think I don't comb it.

So here's the dilemma: do I cut it or let it grow? I would like it to be longer (hello!? pigtails!! I want to do pigtails!!), but I don't want it to look scraggly in the meantime. And I hear a rumor that if you cut it, then it will really grow in. Is this true or just Hair Mythology? And if I decide to cut it - do I take her somewhere or do it myself? I don't have the first clue about how to cut hair (well, I do cut Brian's, but please, that hardly counts).

I've also tried putting "pretties" in her hair (little barrettes), but she takes them out the moment we get in the car and I can inevitably only find one of them. Any advice on taming the toddler mane would be appreciated...


Jen said...

You could always get it cut to even things out...nothing major, just a trim. I always have Emmy's hair in at least 1 pigtail because her bangs are now down to the end of her little nose. I want to grow her bangs out, so I just have to get past this annoying stage. Also, you could always try putting in her barrettes after you get to wherever you're going. I've learned to do the girls' hair really quickly because I know they won't sit still for long. HTH!

Weed said...

I strongly believe the rumor that once you cut it it really does grow. That's what happened to R's hair. If I look at pictures I can tell when I first had it cut because that's when she actually started getting her hair to fill in. I just finally had the sides cut last week because they weren't growing, but I decided I'd better have them trimmed just a little so they'd start growing in.
I go to the kids place in town...I'm sure you know what it is, but just for now when she's so difficult to manage. They're used to wiggly toddlers who don't hold still. There's no way I could do it myself when I see how she reacts to the girls there cutting her hair, moving her head all over the place! I usually find a coupon in the Parent magazine you can pick up for free around town. It's expensive, in my opinion, but worth it for the video she gets to watch that keeps her attention away from what they're doing to her. When she's a little older I won't go there anymore.
R won't keep pretties in her hair anymore either. It drives me nuts. I used to put bows in the top for pictures, but now she won't leave anything in for more than a few seconds (if I can even get it in there right!) And I totally want to do pigtails but she won't let me! I've only attempted a few times, and not in the last several months. She's horrible about letting me touch any part of her face or head. I'm lucky to get to wash her face in the bathtub...and lately with the horrible snotty nose, it's been a battle every few minutes!! I've decided the battle isn't worth it for pigtails right now--when she's a little older and can be reasoned with a bit I'll try again and there can be consequences to her not sitting still. Right now she doesn't understand.
Anyway, that probably doesn't help much, but that's my experience, and I would definitely encourage you to try to get it cut.

Pam said...

I don't have advice really as we're going through the same - very little on top but growing over his ears and makes him look like a mad professor.
I just wanted to say I love the picture of her in your (Brian's?) shoes - Jack does the same. I also wanted to say just how CUTE your daughter is. She's lovely.

Kelsey said...

I will say that I was pleased the second time we cut Harper's hair, the first time I was so squeamish I hardly let the lady cut anything. I have been feeling (and continue to feel) adamantly against bangs so we are also in an awkward stage. I think having things trimmed up is a good idea, just let them know if there is an area you don't want cut!

Also, I would not trust myself with scissors near Harper's head, nor trust her to sit still for me. My hair dresser cuts Harper's hair and does it for what I believe is a reasonable rate, even though it's in a salon.