Friday, January 25, 2008

A leetle more bargain talk, a random question, and an apology

I promise this won't become a trend on this blog - always talking about the latest deals I've gotten - but I just have to tell you about this CVS'ing thing I've picked up on - and then I'll shut up! I swear!!

On the Money Saving Mom blog that I mentioned the other day, the author talks alot about CVS, and how she basically "works the system" to get all of her toiletries and some groceries for FREE. I'm not kidding, you should see some of the stash she gets - huge piles of stuff for 75 cents, etc. So she teaches people how to do this in a little thing she calls "CVS 101" on her site. So I read it, and I decided to try it for a couple of months and see if it works for us, and if it's worth the effort. It's a lot of work and planning and thinking ahead about stuff that you may need in the next 6 months, etc. And to get it for free, you do have to do some coupon clipping, of which I am not in the habit of doing. But even without coupons, you can get some really good deals. So last night I went and felt like I had succeeded in working the system. The cashier told me that it was like organized crime. Here's why:

I got:

6 12-packs of Diet Pepsi

1 8 oz. bottle of Purell hand sanitizer

1.5 liter bottle of CVS mouthwash plus extra small bottle

1 stick men's Speed Stick deordorant

This is a total of $44 worth of merchandise at regular price. I paid $10 out of pocket, and I got $15 in Extra Care Bucks, which is like cash to spend at CVS on your next purchase. So it's kinda like I made $5 on the deal. And seriously, some of the women over at the MSM blog would've gotten all this for about 15 cents and somehow made $30 in Extra Care Bucks, but I'm still learning. Isn't it intriguing?


So yesterday I met this dad of 2 young boys, and upon noticing my belly, he asked me when I was due.

"March," I replied.

"Oh, really? March what?"


"Oh...(sly grin) maybe March, maybe April."

Ok - why would someone say this? Okay, yes, technically, this baby could be born in April. And the thought has occurred to me. But would you say to a pregnant woman, " might go more than a week sucker."?


Finally, I was just looking over my posts for January, and it appears that I've been doing a lot of rambling and not as much reporting about my cute little toddler. So sorry about that, I will make a concious effort to capture some good material over the next week. More to come!


Pam said...

Your 3-post blog deserves 3 responses:
1. Well done on the savings. I wish I could do it too but I'm too lazy.
2. I hope your boy is born on the 30th (my BD) and that would only put you 4 days overdue - is that okay?? LOL
3. Yes please, much as I enjoy your ramblings I also need to see K!

Weed said...

I saw the previous comment, but personally, I think he should be born on the 15th, my birthday! That would put you a week or so early...not bad, right?! :) Just kidding.

Kelsey said...

Oh, do not tell Matt about the CVS thing -- he'll have me studying that like a science while Harper is in preschool. I am not a good bargain hunter -- I am also too lazy. But proud of you for being good at it.

I like all your kinds of posts, Katy related and otherwise. Because, while we write about our children, don't you think these blogs are mostly about the experiences we have as mothers? And that includes home rearranging and incredible deals! :-)

P.S. I'm really looking forward to our visit!