Monday, January 28, 2008

A reunion of sorts

Once upon a time, Brian was a kid in Small Town, Kentucky. And there was a family who lived next door, whose kids were the same age as Brian and his brother, and they grew up together. They played, they traveled, they did scouts, and they crashed the neighborhood pool. Then they went away to college, got married, and had 2.2 kids. So now that everyone lives in Ohio and Kentucky again, we all met up in Cincinnati at the Children's museum for a reunion yesterday. It's really nice to spend time with people who were so influential in Brian's life, and to see how everyone is raising families of their own now. And of course, Katy had a BLAST. Including her cousins (some of her favorite people), there were 6 kids in attendance, and she loved the museum. She could've stayed there for days. Here are some highlights: (in the photo above, one family is missing. We were bummed that they had to leave early, but 'tis the season for sick kiddos)

I think it's a rule that every Children's museum has a place where it's impossible to keep your kid dry...

Katy's cousins Kimmy and Leah were at her side the entire afternoon, helping her through every adventure...they are very good cousins (and will be good babysitters someday??!)

Mmmm...sketties...we only had a brief meltdown, but I expected we wouldn't get through the day without one.

And this was the highlight of the day: Katy kept saying "more side, more side..."


Kelsey said...

Ooh, you'll have to let me know how that museum compares to Boonshoft, whether it would be worth our time to drive all the way to Cinci to check it out. We can discuss on Tuesday!

Jen said...

We love the Cincy Children's Museum and were just talking about taking the kids there. Glad you had a fun time!