Wednesday, March 14, 2012


*I feel a bit out of touch here, mostly because I've been trying to use all the possible quiet time around here for my decluttering project. It's been somewhat of a challenge to keep up with 40 bags. On the days that I accomplish my assigned decluttering, it is such a marvelous feeling. And I'm creating quite a pile of stuff in the garage and basement that I intend to turn into a garage sale. But there are so many other things that demand my attention during nap time (Girl Scout planning, birthday planning, menu planning, kitchen clean-up, laundry, etc.), I'm a little bit behind where I'm supposed to be. But you know what? If I don't finish by Easter, there's always the week after Easter, right? And I'm not sure if anyone can tell from visiting how much I've gotten rid of - most of it is clutter from drawers, cabinets, backs of closets, etc. Most of the stuff that sits out is still important enough to sit out.

*This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a Girls' Weekend with my mom and my sister celebrating my mom's 60th birthday. Mel and I drove over to Mom's house and we got pedicures, went shopping (for hours and hours) and had a lovely dinner at a restaurant with live music. It was lovely and relaxing and I laughed a lot. I had lots of adult conversations without interruptions. And I got to shop around for kids' shoes without worrying that my kid-meter was about to expire. (Wait, who was this a celebration for again?) Fabulous time. And don't go worrying about Brian back at home - his folks came up to hang out with him and the kids, so they had a good weekend as well.

*This weather is UNBELIEVABLE, in a good way, for once. Sunny and 70's all week, we are spending tons of time outside, and I'm planning the summer as if it were right around the corner. But that's the beauty of it! We haven't even started spring officially yet! We have lots and lots of nice weather to look forward to. It makes all the difference.

*David is telling everyone we see that he is about to be 4. He is SO excited about his birthday. I gave both kids the choice this year - either to have a party at the house with several friends - or to pick one or two friends and go do something fun (like bowling or movies or something). They are both excited about taking a couple of friends on an outing. So David has chosen his activity and we're in the process of getting that arranged. He has requested cakes in the form of any of the following: Lightning McQueen, Mack (from Cars), Superman, or Spiderman. He's gotten into superheros lately so we might go that route. He's also riding a bike with training wheels and doing really well on it.

*Katy is finishing a piano class, which she has loved. Now we'll start the debate about what's next in that department. But right as that ends, she starts soccer. And the Girls Scouts celebrated their 100th anniversary on Monday - she got to wear her vest to school and we had cake at our meeting.

*Luke is really seeming like he's rounding the corner and headed toward 2. He has already torn through 2 pairs of sneakers since the "playing outside" season began. TORN THROUGH. And he wants to be outside every second of every day. And when it is time to go in, you are going to carry him kicking and screaming, pretty much no matter what. I made the mistake of letting him ride his little scooter to pick Katy up at school. But when we couldn't go to the park after school, I ended up carrying him, kicking and screaming, and his scooter, chasing David on his bike...sweating like crazy for half a mile. Now I insist on the stroller. But he also gives the BEST hugs. And his language is really coming along - he says lots of phrases now like "Here We Go" and "Shoes On." But only those of us in his immediate family understand.

So much more to say...hopefully I'll have pictures of our most generous friends helping us install a new patio door this weekend.


Weed said...

Wow, I didn't realize that your trip last weekend was a kid free one! How exciting! And I'm so impressed (and envious!) at your decluttering efforts. Want to come tackle my house after Easter? I only get about a 1/2 hour rest time every day (Rachel and Rebecca's nap/rest times don't overlap very well) so I never find the time to do stuff like that. I'm glad it's going well for you.

Pam said...

Good grief you are busy! I felt bad for you on the "carrying Luke & scooter" story as I have had that happen to me too. The icing on the cake is when you are also wearing low-rise jeans and you have to hike those up at the same time! Much sweating and muttering under breath.
I can't believe that David is 4! I keep up with Katy and Luke seems like he should be 2 but David is FOUR??? We must see each other more often obviusly!