Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Close call

I'm writing from the laptop that I smuggled up to bed with me last night, because when I went to bed, the levy was passing by FORTY VOTES. Out of THIRTY THOUSAND.

I didn't sleep well, as you can imagine.

But this morning, you might hear me breathing a five-year long sigh of relief. It passed. By 500 votes (51 %). Wow. Thank you, Lord.

Next, those 49% are gonna be MAD. I wish there were a way to do it without making everyone so angry!

But I feel strongly, with every fiber of my being, that this is best for our community, even if 49% don't think so. So I'll take it. And I am thankful that we live in a place where we have the opportunity for good education for the masses. I'm taking today to appreciate it.

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Pam said...

When I went to bed last night it was failing and I was thinking about you all night. I just saw it passed. Yea!! Very happy for you Emily. The 49% will just have to suck it up (sorry, not much sympathy)