Monday, March 26, 2012

A Party and a Road Trip

We kicked off Spring Break with two busy days. First, we did a little mini-party for David. Given the option of a full-blown party at the house or taking just a couple of friends somewhere fun, he chose to go to Magic Mountain to play in their massive kids' gym.  The nicest part? The only prep that I did was make the cake.

Happy Sweat, as someone described it

One view of the gym.

If there are balls, Landon is IN.

She's getting to the age where she finds "friends" and then we don't see much of her.

Wildcat Dads. David's birthday always falls during March Madness. I'm always backing his cake with a game on in the background.

Plenty for Wild Man to do, too.

Miss Mags!

Pizza!! And the only shot I got of Frank - he and David can't stop wrestling long enough for a photo.

Spiderman wins the cake theme this year! He has been a theme all around - lots of Spiderman gifts, too.


Next we took a road trip up north for the day to visit Abby and her boys. Of course the best part is getting to catch up with my cousin that I don't get to see often enough. The kids also had a blast with the growing collection of farm animals and toys.

First stop - a new batch of baby chicks!

Abby said they only look cute like this for a couple of weeks - so our visit was well timed.

Perfect to ride tractors here.
Heading to the chicken coup.

So happy.

The goats need to be coerced.

Nate and Luke were napping while most the pictures were taken, but Nate is super cute!

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Weed said...

Happy Birthday, David! Love the Spiderman cake! (My birthday is always during March Madness, too, and I hate it because during our dinner dates my husband is always checking the scores!)