Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birthday Recap

We're really enjoying our week out of the usual routine. David's birthday yesterday was laid back and fun. In the morning, Brian was at work and I was trying to explain to David that he could pick what we did for the morning because it was his birthday. We are always home in the afternoon for naptime, so I was picturing a light activity, like the library or the park. He kept suggesting things like the zoo! the pool! Magic Mountain again!

Finally I talked him into going to the grocery to get donuts and then spending some of his birthday money on new Hot Wheels (on sale for 60 cents a piece - love it!). Then I made him take a nap in the afternoon because I could tell he was wiped from all the activity. Brian came home from work early and David opened a few presents while we waited for Aunt Mel to arrive. We went to City BBQ for dinner (his choice, isn't that hilarious?), and DQ for dessert. He made fast friends with another almost-4-yr-old at DQ and they were having conversation across 3 tables the whole time we were there. He was just giddy. It was marvelous.

This kid can put away the mac and cheese like nobody's business.

Allowed to have pop on birthdays!
Then we came home to finish up presents, chat with family on skype, and read the new superhero books he got before bed. He thoroughly enjoyed his day.

Some favorites:

Cars Duplos from cousins! He shrieked!

Luke was anxious to get ahold of the Spiderman soccer ball.
Building a collection of the Hot Wheels track that connects together and makes amazing courses.

I couldn't get David to stand still for a photo of Buzz Lightyear so Brian volunteered. David ran around for 20 minutes making flying noises and shouting, "To infinity... and beyond!" He also got the Toy Story movie and Lady and the Tramp from Grammy and Papa John, which he loves.

Today we had a well visit (David is 37 pounds, 60 %'ile and 40.5", 55%'ile), got haircuts, and bought summer jammies. Now we're playing outside until soccer practice starts. I'm looking forward to summer after getting a little taste this week...

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