Saturday, March 17, 2012

March so far, in photos and video

I have tried desperately to get a video of him tearing down the street on this thing, but I can't because I'm always chasing him. I actually have to trot to keep up with him - he's that fast.

Remember how I said he has torn up 3 pairs of shoes? This is why...

But it makes him so happy! (Until he has to go inside. Then God be with you.)  

David is so proud of himself riding his big boy bike. And when I bought this at a garage sale over a year ago, I didn't realize that he'd be in a perfectly timed superhero kick when it came time to ride it.

Girl Scout Cookie sales were incredibly successful this year. All we did was let people know we were selling them (and send a sheet to work with Brian), and BAM! Over a hundred boxes sold. The rest of the troop did just as well, and we will end up with a really nice fund heading into next fall. (All of these are the ones for Brian's work.)

Katy went to work with Brian one morning to personally deliver the cookies he sold. Everyone loved it, so I have a feeling that will boost sales for next year. :) The boys and I met them for lunch to bring Katy back for school, so it was a fun little adventure.

Katy came home from school and said that a boy in her class gave her this note. At first I thought, "Haha!" and then I thought, "Wait....WHAT?!?!" (He's a good speller, though, for a kindergartener.)

My mom is half Irish and her favorite color is green. So she's always enjoyed St. Patrick's Day.

So it didn't surprise me to see what she put together for the kids. We go to church on Saturday night, which is typically a more casual service, so we let them wear their St. Paddy's shirts. But we left the wigs at home.

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