Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Draw

I've been pondering as we visit each set of grandparents over the summer how their homes are all so different. Each one really has a unique draw: one thing that the kids eagerly anticipate. (Besides the grandparents themselves, of course. The kids would visit their grandparents in a cardboard box.)

At Grammy and Papa John's, it's the pool, for obvious reasons.

At Grandpa and Grandma Sue's, it's Scout, the dog. (Oh, it's a video of Katy's first steps! Sweet baby girl...)

And at Oma and Opa's, it's The TOYS. My mom loves to shop, and every time we visit, she has purchased several new items for the kids to play with at her house. She has almost as many toys as we do. It makes Oma's house seem like a playland.

Road mat from IKEA. Brian and I had a date strolling around IKEA - very entertaining.

Loves 100 piece puzzles! Oma had 4 new ones for her.

Hit of the weekend: garbage truck by Melissa and Doug. It required a decent amount of assembly, but David played with it for HOURS.

It even witheld the weight of a toddler who thinks everything with wheels is a riding toy.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these puzzles.

Luke's favorite posture at the moment. He CAN walk across the room unassisted, but he'll stand up and put his arm in the air and squak until someone grabs it and follows him wherever he goes. He's becoming much more demanding and verbal about it.

We went swimming at the Y, and Katy was thrilled to wear her new bathing suit.

For the first time with the kids, we went downtown (Pittsburgh) to ride The Incline. I explained it to David as a cross between a train and an elevator. He was in heaven.

Still beautiful, even on cloudy days.

Incline veterans.

Next we ate a picnic lunch on the river. Bonus: the fire engines were emptying their tanks (?) into the water, which was pretty.

Feeding ducks is the best, isn't it? (Side note: this picture gives me the willies. That's THE RIVER she's teetering on.)

Taking a break to read an e-book.

Another Draw: piano lessons from Oma on the baby grand! Katy is really interested right now. We aren't going to pursue lessons, yet, though. Too many new things on the horizon.
Thanks for a great trip, Mom and Greg!


Kelsey said...

Looks like so much fun Em!!!

Oma said...

We had so much fun!! Great pictures, too.

Kudos to Opa for assembling the garbage truck (with Katy's help). That became more of a project than I anticipated.