Monday, August 01, 2011

Walking yet?

Yesterday I wrote this post and got hung up trying to upload the video, so I tabled it:

Everyone has wanted to know - for the last 4 or 5 months now - is Luke walking yet? This child has been crawling - WELL - for a solid 7 months at this point. He started pulling up to stand in late February. It's AUGUST. The child is STILL not walking.

He takes steps, sometimes four or five at a time, but only when he isn't thinking about it, and he much prefers crawling. And believe me, I fully realize that it is completely typical for a 13 month old not to be walking yet, but most kids don't crawl for seven months. He is just perfectly content to get where he is going crawling. He fights you to get down on his knees so he can get a move on!!

This video that Brian took really captures Luke right now. He's the sweetest, and I love how much he's trying to talk. But try to get him to take steps? Nope!

Well, what a difference a day makes! Because look what Little Mister finally decided to do:

I tried ALL day to capture it, I have 5 failed attempts on my camera in fact. But Brian got it on the first try. I love that he's in the trash can. If you have toddlers, you know about the magnetic force that draws them to the trash. Yuck.

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bluedaisy said...

Love the walking--he is so awesome :) Congratulations to Luke on this great milestone!