Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Real First Day

I was allowed to take pictures today, because it was really and truly, no more joking around, The First Day of Kindergarten. I have thought about and anticipated and worried about this day for years. I wish I were exaggerating. Put together my planning tendencies along with my anxiety and my indecisiveness? You start thinking about kindergarten on a regular basis when your child is about 2 and a half.

From our back-to-school dinner last night at the make-your-own-pizza place.

But for all the anticipating and preparation, today I was just ready to get ON with it. We've made our decision. She's excited, I'm excited, we're all excited, let's just do it. My throat was a little lumpy, but I didn't cry. Believe me, I've shed plenty of tears over this - I've had two and a half years to do it.

This morning she took a shower and picked out her clothes all by herself (advantage of PM kindergarten: having time to do this). I tried to talk her into wearing something more...special, but she was really proud of herself and her outfit, so I let it go. At the end of the day, she felt good about herself, so that's what matters, right?

They were wild all morning. I was just trying to make it to 12:30 without major injuries (we had two minor ones).

Brian and I were discussing that our favorite part of the neighborhood school so far is feeling like part of a community. As we're walking to and from school, we see other families walking, and so far, we've discovered 3 other kindergartners within a few blocks of our house that I didn't know were there. Not that we're all going to be best buds, but I love neighborhoods and feeling connected to those who live close by.

Right after I took this picture, my camera battery died. Backup battery? Also dead. So Brian took the rest with his cell phone, and I was shocked how well they turned out.
Katy was telling me how excited she was. So sweet!

They lined up outside and then blew kisses and waved goodbye.

Her friend Benji, who is in her class, and his sister Avery.
Brian took today off, so I went to pick her up by myself while the boys were asleep. (That's going to be a new schedule adjustment). She seemed happy, but as usual, it was hard to get much information out of her as to what she did for 2 and a half hours. She did tell me some of the rules, that they went to gym, and that she sat at a table with a girl named "Wen." (Gwen? or could be Nguyen?) Brian said, "You would love to have a video camera strapped to her head that you could review when you got home, wouldn't you?"

Ummmm...yes, isn't that the point?


Kelsey said...

Yay! So glad it went well for all of you. Those pictures are great. Go Katy!

You didn't cry? Impressed. :-) Although that makes it sound like I find something wrong with crying, which I obviously don't.

Weed said...

SO cute! I'd love one of those cameras for Rachel to wear too.

But more importantly, what is this make your own pizza place and why have I not heard of it?? Rachel would love it!

Pam said...

Yea! She looks like she really enjoyed the day. I know what you mean about garnishing information too - I pressed Jack as much as I could without being annoying and he fed me tiny snippets!
I hope she has a great time there. x