Monday, August 22, 2011

The Lake

Since we weren't able to go to The Lake with our friends last year, I'm so glad we made it right this August. It's a annual day trip that we all look forward to.

I've mentioned before how much I love these friends. There are some big changes coming soon, mostly good, but some bittersweet. First of all, our good friends Beth and Jason, who currently live about 20 minutes away, are moving to a new house practically across the street from us. Well, ok, it takes 4 minutes to get there. But still. We're going to be like NEIGHBORS. I'm SO excited.

But jumping into the moving trend, our friends Brett and Abigail are taking a very exciting opportunity and following it to Colorado. I'm happy for them to take this adventure together, but I'm going to miss them like crazy! Ab is my texting buddy. On any given day, I can text her some random update of something funny/bizarre/serious has happened, and she will most likely respond right away with some type of hilarious/supportive response. And vice versa. (Did I just call myself hilarious?) I like to laugh, and we definitely like to point out the funny parts of this motherhood gig. Anyway, I won't get all sappy just yet, but it's a good thing that they have texting out in Colorado.

I totally failed to take a group photo, but maybe it's just as well since Beth and Jason didn't make it (moving, remodeling, blah, blah, blah :). And I didn't even manage to get individuals of everyone who was there. Photo fail.



Taco bar!

Miss Peep (ask her dad)

"Mr. Brett", "Mr. J.T." & "Dad"

Ab, taking kid duty on the boat.

Fussy McGrumpypants ("There's dirt in the water! Eww! And leaves! Yuck! It's so yucky! I want a boat ride! I don't want to go swimming! I want to go to the beach!")
Dave and Kate are not only fabulous hosts, they humor kids with a canoe ride when the speed boat has a hiccup.

Never. Stops. Moving.

Two dads, hours of jumping


Pam said...

Looks like great fun and I'm glad you got some adult time with friends as it's so theraputic isn't it. I also loved the name Fussy Mcgrumpypants and will steal it.
And I know I spelt theraputic wrong but this thing doesn't have spell-check :-)

Kelsey said...

Looks so great Em!

I had to laugh because I'm kind of with Katy - I cannot think about what is in a lake when I'm in a lake or it totally freaks me out!

bluedaisy said...

So much fun!!! Glad you all enjoyed it :)