Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pseudo-First Day

Our district does a gentle start for kindergarten. For the first week of school, each kindergartner is assigned one day to come in, in a group of 5ish kids, and get to know the classroom, teacher, etc. They also do an assessment to see what kids know coming in. I really like this set up. I like the idea that the teacher gets to know my kiddo before she becomes a face in a sea of 5 year olds. And Katy gets more familiar and comfortable before the big day.

The only downfall that I see is that I've been feeling a bit torn - was today the first day? Or is it next week? Which day do I take the official Back To School picture? Katy decided for me, I guess, when I got out the camera and she said, "Why are you taking pictures? Next week is the first day!" Okay, next week it is. (stalling, stalling...)

How did she get to be so grown-up? (Also, love hand-me-downs.)

Holy backpack! (Oh, my, she is so little!)

First walk of many. I hope they continue to enjoy it.

She was so excited, and really had a good time. She told me the night before that she LOVES school. And she looked in the mirror and said, "I look like a kindergartner!"

Next week...another first day!


Giselle said...

Oh! I love her "I look like a kindergartner" comment. What a sweetheart.

And I love that they do an assessment ahead of time. Good old Ohio. Around here, they just kind of fit that in as they go. But, then, kindergarten is not required by state law here in PA. Lordy.

Oma said...

OMG, that backpack goes from her shoulders to her KNEES! Hopefully it will carry a few papers and nothing too heavy for a while. (Until Halloween when she needs her costume and her treats and her project.)


What cuties . . . all 3.

Pam said...

Yea for Katie! (and for you!). She does look so little next to the backpack. I'm glad she enjoyed it and hope she continues to do so next week. Jack's first day in Wednesday and he's counting down the days.
I'd love to catch up with you soon ...

bluedaisy said...

I wish we had the gentle start. We have full day kinder & from I know at this point, it looks like they just get thrown into the first full day without much school-related prep. I like your system there!
Our district does the assessment piece at registration (in our case, it was this past April). But I wouldn't mind a bit more "easing in"!

Kelsey said...

This is the best way I've ever heard to start kindergarten - I LOVE the way the teacher gets to know the kids a few at a time.

Good luck to you guys - I am sure it is so nerve-wracking and exciting. I cannot wait to hear about it.