Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The (Third &) Fourth, 2011

The cousins spent a day with us on their way through town

It's quite difficult to get a picture of 6 kids

So you remember that I've mentioned the zip line behind our house?

They waited until I went inside and put Luke in there. Stinkers!

David doesn't let Kimmy out of his sight.


Carrie is 7, heading to 2nd grade
Flames still too high for S'mores


Blurry, but captures the joy of sparklers
Post haircut, waiting for the parade

Lucky to find a spot big enough for her chair on the street.

Have you ever tried to get a 12 month old to sit and watch a parade?

Much too busy for that!

Only at a parade are you allowed to stand in the street and eat candy off the ground (thrown by participants)


Going to sound cheesy, but the parade makes me cry. Something about our country and the feel of community and hope.
I took Katy and David to see fireworks for the first time with their friend Rachel.

They caught fireflies while they waited, which was just as exciting as the fireworks themselves.

A rare moment in his chair. They were SO rambunctious that I was worried they were bothering the people around us. They jumped around dancing and shrieking like crazy.

Didn't take long to figure out the best way to view them. Hope you also had a fantastic 4th!

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Kelsey said...

I love Katy's romper! (We used to call them sun-suits and I had one with ice cream cones on it that I LOVED when I was a kid.)

Also, Luke on the zip line is hilarious/terrifying! I bet he loved it...