Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kicking It Up Another Notch

After months of insisting that she did not want to cut her hair, the summer heat got to her and Katy asked me about cutting it short. So two youtube videos later, I gave it a shot, only slightly less nervous than when I cut David's hair.

Before - it was down her back!

We cut off over 6 inches!

First glance - she said, "I look like Kimmy! It looks a lot better than it did!"

Is it just me or doese she look like a school-ager? *sniff*


Weed said...

I saw her that night--it looks great! Nice job! Wanna go into business and cut Rachel's? She needs it cut desperately, but I'm trying to wait until closer to school so I don't have to get it cut twice between now and when school starts. (The reason I don't try it myself is because of her bangs. They scare me.)

bluedaisy said...

I definitely need to speak to my husband about a move- to live near you. First awesome birthday cakes and now haircuts! I could keep you in business with my 3 kids :)
And then maybe Michael and Katy could go to Kindergarten together. And we could hang out with our younger ones...See, it's such a good plan- LOL!
Great job and yes, Katy really does look ready for school (I'm sniffling along with you).

Grammy said...

Katy - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new hair cut. You certainly do look like a school girl! and, you are just as beautiful as Kimmy! Love, Grammy

Oma said...

Now Katy's hair matches her grown-up vocabulary and blooming piano skills.

She looks older, but it also brings out those beautiful baby blues! So pretty!

Kelsey said...

Could I be any more impressed? No, I could not. Love it - she looks so grown up!