Wednesday, July 13, 2011

QT in the hometown

Not to sound like a broken record, but the kids had a blast again, this time visiting my Dad and Sue. We did so many fun things while we were there, and Brian and I even celebrated six years of marriage. It was surreal to go out in my hometown, eating and shopping entirely in places that did not exist when I lived there. The area has changed SO much.

The spray park is always a hit! Luke has no fear and lots of people were pointing and laughing/cringing as he plowed through the water.

My Dad is such a good sport - the person who chases Luke gets SOAKED.

He's cautious at first, but he warms up.

They spent lots of time playing "tow truck." The bungee cord between the two bikes makes it a fun game, and Grandpa's tools make for hours of entertainment.

We took the big kids to a Dayton Dragons game. It was hot as heck, but they still had a good time.

Cool Relief

The night before we were there, the Dragons broke a record for consecutive sold out athletic events. Since the team's inception, they have never played to less than a sold out crowd!! Amazing!

After the game, they let the kids run around the bases. We almost didn't do it because we were 20 minutes past meltdown, but I'm so glad we persevered. David's little legs (and his tongue sticking out - too small to see in this video) are priceless.

Then we went to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. My kids LOVED it. Huge hit. It's aimed at the younger kids (compared to our local children's museum), and if you have a Columbus Zoo membership, you get 50% off admission.

Katy now understands how a microscope works!

I love how his hair is blown back by the wind.

Several truck focused exhibits, including a landfill and a recycling truck.

Could've played in the grocery all day.

And the pizza making station? Perfect!

We also met Kelsey there, but I didn't get any good pictures with her family. The kids really enjoyed each other, though.

They recently remodeled the little zoo area and my kids loved it. It's mostly Ohio animals.

We visited my Grandma on the way home. Nothing like a lap full of great-grandchildren.

They surprised me with a Graeter's birthday cake. David came up to me and said "'s a secret," and Katy cried that he had ruined the surprise. But I played along and worked it out. Great visit!!


Weed said...

Looks like lots of fun! I'm about to put pictures up from our trip to the science museum here at my parents' house, and we also spent a LOT of time in their grocery store! Both girls loved it (though most of the play food ended up in Rebecca's mouth....yuck!)

Pam said...

Wonderful! Must do that museum.
And that video is priceless. I got a little emotional when David hugged the mascot. Bless his heart.