Monday, July 18, 2011

They Make Me Laugh

*I was in a waiting room with all the kids and it was time to go. I was struggling to gather all of my belongings, capture Luke, make sure all 6 shoes were on their 6 feet, etc., when Katy looked at the employee and said, exasperated, "Having three kids is a lot of work!"

*We were walking to the first morning of camp at the park in our neighborhood (a nice warm-up gig for preschool), when David started asking again if Katy was going to be there the whole time with him (yes), would she be close by or far away (close), etc. Then he said, "Mommy, I'm feeling a little nervous, but in a minute I'll be better." (He was right.)

*Typically the kids each pick a "video" (which is actually a show on the DVR) in the morning, and they don't see Brian and I watch TV, because we only watch it after they're in bed. Yesterday David came down the stairs and saw Brian watching the World Cup, and said, "Daddy?!!? Did Mommy let you pick that video?!?"

*We were playing at a friend's house when Katy picked up a toy fish and sighed, "A fish would be a nice pet. I wish we could have a pet, but we have Luke instead."

*David frequently mixes up opposites, like hot and cold, long and short, etc. He'll walk into the air conditioned house when it's 90 outside and declare, "It's HOT in here!!!" or he'll declare, "I can't reach the monkey bars because I'm not short enough."


Giselle said...

Oh, the pet comment made me laugh out loud!

Weed said...

Ha! Loved David's comment to Brian about whether you let him watch the World Cup. Too cute.

Kelsey said...

I loved all of these - but the pet one made me laugh out loud as well. And Michael does the opposites thing too.