Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family Projects

Brian is a hard worker and quite handy. Before we had kids, we used to work on projects together. I have lots of memories from the old house of hanging drywall, mudding, painting, sanding, drilling, etc. But once the babies came along, it's been Brian working alone while I keep the kids out of his hair. I look forward to the day when we can all do projects together again.

Katy is always wanting to help, and finally Brian had an idea in which she and David could get involved. Last year when we bought our playset, there was only one disappointment: the previous owners had never treated or stained the wood, so in 5 short years it had gotten pretty yucky. Brian was worried that it would start to break down and not have the life span that we are hoping for, so this week he powerwashed it and stained it. A family project!

Notice Katy working hard on the lower railings. She did most of the lower half!

David, well...he liked the idea of painting more than the actual task.

Perfect because drips didn't matter!
The back BEFORE

The back AFTER
BEFORE again

AFTER! The playset looks brand new and we're hoping it will last for the long haul. The kids are really proud of their work. (I enjoyed watching from the AC - baby duty has it's privileges)


Weed said...

Looks great!

bluedaisy said...

The difference is amazing- great job everyone :)

Kelsey said...

Well done! The trick is to get them used to helping (even if they aren't much help) when they are young and don't mind. Then when they get older it will just be habit, right?