Sunday, June 19, 2011

So long...Aunt Mel...

My sister is on her way to Colorado for the summer. A long summer, and we will miss her tremendously. The kids love seeing Aunt Mel every week, and they have no idea what we mean when we say that she'll be gone for a while. By the time she gets back, Luke will be walking, Katy will be in kindergarten, and David in preschool. David will miss her the most - he tells others that his "best friend is a girl, and her name is Aunt Mel." When she comes to our house, he asks her if she'll go cuddle on the couch with him.

Part of what I love about having Melanie in town is that when she comes over, she just jumps in with the kids. If Luke needs a bath...

We spent some extra time hanging out this week before she left. We made Bon Voyage S'mores. (Although we didn't go so far as to make Melanie's best invention ever: S'mOreos. Oh, yes, you guessed it.)

She doesn't get a lot of face time here, (partially because every time I take her picture, she rolls her eyes and says, "Don't put that on the blog."), but we love our Aunt Mel. If I need a last minute sitter for an appointment, I call her. If I'm feeling really down and I don't know why, I call her. And if I need to go shopping but I'm dreading it because I can't believe I could POSSIBLY need that size now, I call her. She's busy with her own life for sure, but she's a loyal sister.

We're praying for you, Mel, to have a safe and rejuvenating summer, breathing all that mountain air! We look forward to seeing you in the fall! (without wishing away the summer, it's a delicate balance, you know?)

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Pam said...

Have loads of fun Melanie! (and Emily call me if you need anything :-))