Thursday, June 23, 2011

First year of Luke

Lukey Loo, Lukers, Lukey Bubs, Tuke,

It seems that the sentiment that I should be feeling is, "Wow! That went so fast! I can't believe you are 1!" But when I really think about it, that day that you (finally!) arrived into the world late last June? It seems like a really long time ago. I can barely remember what it was like before you were with us. You are the Family Baby, and we make over you all day, every day (hence the ridiculous nicknames).

I wish that this weren't the case, but this past year is more blurry than others. I didn't do as great of a job documenting all that you accomplished and what you were like, mostly because I was doing the best that I could to stay afloat during the days. But please know that I enjoyed every moment with you, and I am just as proud as ever of every single milestone that you reach. Your big sister can tell you the timeline of when you went from "laying down, to rolling over, to sitting up, to crawling, to standing, to walking (still just with help!)."

You are absolutely sweet and completely precious. Small but mighty. You crawl super fast (which I think is why you haven't bothered with walking yet) and have no fear to tear into everything. You can crawl DOWN an entire flight of steps without help, your reflection cracks you up, and the only thing that makes you sad is feeling left out (like when someone goes outside without you). Recently we put away all the baby toys, because you are really just interested in what Katy and David are playing.

Like most 1 year olds, your life goals are 1) to put the toilet brush in your mouth, 2) to push every button on the remote control, 3) to beat Mommy to the street, and 4) to empty the contents of the trash and recycling onto the kitchen floor on a daily basis.

But seriously, I love 1 year olds. You are soaking up so much information and learning new skills all the time. You say "Dye Dye" while you wave, say "Mama" when I come into the room, and point to items and try to name them "da." Just this week you have mastered climbing the steps on the playset and then sliding down the slide backwards on your belly. You are wild in the pool, too, just a riot to watch.

Everyone comments on your blond hair, especially since neither of your parents are blond anymore (but rest assured, we both used to be!). But I love the little curls on the back of your head - it's a big ol' party in the back.

Stay sweet this year, baby boy! I will treasure every day with you and each new thing that you learn, even if I don't get a chance to document it. My favorite part of the day is when you are tired and I can get you to cuddle with me (only if I have Blankie) for a few minutes.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Luke. I love you!



Weed said...

Happy Birthday, Luke!

I know what you mean about feeling like a very long time ago....and yet I also feel like this last year has flown by.

Have a great celebration!

Oma said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Luke! You make the perfect addition to the grand-babies!

Oma loves you, too.