Friday, June 03, 2011

Better Late than Never

Remember last fall when I shoved a crib into the corner of "Katy's room" and dubbed it "Katy and David's room"? Our original thought was that it was a temporary situation and that we'd be putting the boys together soon enough, so I didn't do any decorating. But now Katy and David are so happy together, and Luke is certainly fine by himself for another year, that I'm not going to fix what isn't broken. SO. I got around to hanging up some decorations and making "Katy's side" and "David's side." I didn't paint, so please ignore the slightly feminine wall color and window treatments.

I found this comforter (it's firetrucks - the Mater blanket came later) at a yard sale and the (pottery barn!) wall decor at a different yard sale last summer.

That night when he said what he was thankful for, it was, "The cars on my wall!"

We finished off "David's side" with the navy blue dresser that we grabbed off some one's trash pile. My pregnant neighbor actually called me and said, "I'm standing at the side of the road claiming a dresser for you that would be perfect for David's room. How soon can you get here?" The two of us hauled the very heavy furniture into her van.
 (Okay, it was not my intention to be talking about how cheap I am, I just noticed that it came up in both parts of David's room! Don't worry, that's the end of that for now...)

"Katy's side"...all that stuff used to be spread over twice the area.

Katy helped me with this project that I had purchased over 2 years ago and thought I had lost in the move.

Her middle name is Faith, and I really love the name and thought it would be fun to have it displayed somewhere. Katy and I sanded and spray painted the letters and attached the ribbons.
Hopefully it looks a little more like the room belongs to both of them now and they'll enjoy sharing it for awhile longer. The nursery has been displaying the same gender neutral frogs for over 5 years now. I'm pretty tired of looking at them by now. Oh, well.

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