Monday, June 20, 2011

Pickin' berries

Strawberries are among my 3 favorite foods in this world. Cover them with chocolate, and they bump up to first. I have fond memories from childhood of going to pick strawberries with my Granny. She says that she would sit the basket next to me in the car on the ride home, and they would be half gone by the time we got there.

So I've been determined to take my kids, and finally I made it happen this year. Katy and David LOVED it. We rode on a flatbed behind a tractor out to the field, and they worked really hard at picking, not wanting to stop. I also felt good about taking a step toward teaching them where their food comes from. I have a long way to go, there. (Heck, I don't really know.)

Every day of summer that goes by, I am consciously aware that we're one step closer to fall. How is it possible that it's the end of June already? I love, love, love this summer, and I'm holding on tightly, trying to keep it from slipping away too quickly.

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Weed said...

Looks fun! Where did you go? Did you take Luke? I'd love to take Rachel, but don't know what I'd do with Rebecca....