Monday, June 06, 2011

Much celebrating

You may remember back in 2009 when I shared about my dearest friend Cindy's bridal shower and wedding. This weekend, many of the same folks came to my place once again to celebrate the latest blessing in Cindy's life - a new baby due in August!

I've discovered in the past few weeks that I really enjoy hosting parties. I just love the planning part, love putting all the pieces together, and love to see everyone enjoying themselves when it's party time. This shower was definitely a group effort, which made it even that much more enjoyable. Plus, I only get to see Cindy a couple of times a year, so it's always a blast to get together.

A new experiment for me: a 3D cake! It was Brian's idea to add the toys.

Another view. It was a very interesting process (it bakes on its head!).

Favors (sunflower seeds) from Tracy and game prizes from Kelsey!

We hung clothesline and decorated it with some hand-me-downs from the guests for Cindy. Some of the girls included pictures of their own babies wearing the outfits.

This might have been my favorite part of the shower.

Cindy appreciated the history behind each outfit (this sweater is one that her grandmother made and she wore as an infant).

Onesie painting! Cindy and Chan call their little one "Bun."

Bun will be creatively dressed.

Male representation in the form of cuteness. (yes, that's Kelsey, but not her baby. :)

This game was somewhat of a bust, because every single person got 100% correct. I had played it at another shower and it was really tough, so that was impressive.

Classic because Cindy LOVES to get a picture with anyone who has a pregnant belly, and try to get it at an angle that makes your belly as large as possible. Now it's her turn! Can't wait until August to meet the little Bun!


Kate said...

What! That cake is madness! Looks like a fun shower. I'll call you in a few weeks to get a quote on baking Franks cake.

bluedaisy said...

That cake is fantastic- looks like a great party all around :)
Now, can you maybe move and become my neighbor so you can help with the boys' bday party this weekend (which will not be nearly as cool)? You don't even have to move- just come for the weekend ;)

Kelsey said...

Em! Thanks again for putting everything together - you did a wonderful job and the whole day was such fun.

tracy said...

oh Em! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I was so sad not to be there! It sounds like you had a wonderful time, and WOW -- I loved all of the ideas. The onesie painting, clothesline, etc., it all looks so awesome. good work!