Saturday, April 02, 2011

Spring Break: pics and stats

After David's birthday (with Grammy, Papa John, Grandpa, and Grandma Sue), we had a week of spring break. Without preschool, church activities, or swim lessons, we still managed to keep busy.

Monday: After an early morning dentist trip for me, we traveled to visit my cousin Abby and her boys. My kids love to go because they get to play with their cousins (not to mention two dogs, two cats, and chickens!!!!), and I love to go because it's great to catch up with Abby. We talked kindergarten and doctor visits and kindergarten and playgroups and kindergarten. (It's on our minds a bit.) I was also proud of myself for making the day trip (nearly 2 hours each way) by myself with three kids.

Tuesday:  Well visits for Luke (9 months) and David  (3 year), with tag along Katy (mom missed spring break on the calendar when scheduling). All is well with the boys. I've got the paperwork to do bloodwork for David to test for GI concerns, but the doctor says he expects them to come back normal. I also enjoy asking about current issues since my pediatrician is always well read in the latest studies. He said they are changing the recommendation about holding off on peanut butter to prevent allergies, and that he thinks the new recommendation to keep toddlers rear facing in a car seat until they are 2 is excessive. Interesting.

Luke at 9 months: 
18 pounds, 11 ounces - 20%'ile (what? the kid that was nearly 10 pounds at birth?)
28 inches - 40%'ile

David at 3 years:
32 pounds - 50%'ile (Katy currently weighs 33, by the way)
37.5 inches - 55%'ile (and I think she's about 39)

Wednesday: An appointment for me this time. It's a topic for another day, but I would really love to be "back to normal," but it's been 9 months since Luke was born, and I'm not. *sigh* Did I mention that it was freezing cold all week so we couldn't play outside much? I am desperate for warm weather.

Thursday:  Playdate with Weed in the morning (I meant to take a picture!). Her daughter will go to the same school as Katy in the fall. This week was the first time that I didn't have Katy take any quiet times in the afternoons. If I do, she falls asleep and then keeps David up with her until 10pm. So now I'm downstairs in the afternoons trying to keep her busy with crafts, games, and constant questions. It's okay, but it has been a mental adjustment for me not to have any moments of down time. Maybe that would be an advantage of afternoon kindergarten. At dinner Thursday night, Katy asked me, "What are we doing for spring break?" It took all my strength not to answer, "You're lookin' at it."

Friday: Birthday playgroup for David! The girls came over for lunch, singing, and candles in brownies. David was SO excited every time someone told him Happy Birthday. I love that kid.

Saturday: Oma came to visit and we went to Young's Dairy to meet Great Granny and Great Grandpa. We were hoping to do some of the farm activities, but it was so cold and windy we couldn't stand it. The kids were thrilled to eat ice cream, feed the goats, and spend their loose change in the gift shop. Katy has recently become interested in money, including understanding how much she has, how much she can spend, and making basic change. It took her 10 minutes to decide how to spend 80 cents.

Sunday: Still to come, but we're planning to do church, walk, and maybe go to the pool if we have the energy. I'm finding that with 3 kids under 5, I'm thankful for any vacations that we get just to catch our breath and get some things done. It doesn't have to be exotic, but the little adventures are plenty for me. And I enjoy our weekly routine enough to be happy to see it this week.


Kelsey said...

It sounds like a great week! Maybe we can arrange a Young's meet up sometime. If the weather is nice, there's lots of outside stuff Harper can take part in.

The car seat thing is interesting to me because both of my kids would have had their knees in their faces in a rear-facing seat by two years...

bluedaisy said...

What a week! We don't have spring break until NEXT week & I am hoping to have some sort of gameplan for activities. I am hoping to keep Chloe rear facing until 18 months (neither of the boys were rear facing for that long). And am still struggling with the switch to seat belts...ugh, all these decisions! And then yes come fall, there is KINDERGARTEN! Love all the pics and updates :)