Friday, April 15, 2011

Tidbits: Once a Week Version

*I started to write this earlier today when I was interrupted by David, waking up from his nap, screaming bloody murder with 104 fever. And he was ALREADY ON ibuprofen, as I had discovered his temp before lunch. That kid can spike a fever like none other that I've known. My gut feeling told me he was fine, but I called the doctor to double check and they convinced me to make my 2nd trip of the week to the office (first was for Luke's ear infection that put us sleeping in a rocking chair for a night). Conclusion for today: nothing serious, keep an eye on him.

*My mission for this upcoming week is to take some pictures and videos of the kids. They are growing and changing and cracking me up and I'm not capturing it at ALL! I feel like it's difficult to do because my hands are always occupied (mostly by keeping Luke from getting into harm's way) so as soon as I pick up the camera, I need to put it (safely) back down again so I can chase after someone.

*But the weather has been so great. This past Sunday we had a glimpse of summer, in which the kids were sweaty and completely exhausted by bedtime. Katy was asking to go to bed before 8!

*Another excuse for not taking pictures is that Luke has had multiple purple goose eggs on his forehead in recent weeks. Dearest future Luke, I am thoroughly enjoying watching all of your milestones, even if I don't have record of them here! You are SO adorable. You just started waving, you play peek-a-boo, say Dada, Mama, Yaya. You give kisses, eat graham crackers, cheese, and strawberries. This is the first time that I have wanted time to FREEZE because you are so sweet and precious and I am going to miss this stage.

*David's recent accomplishment has been tolerating a swim lesson without me. The first two weeks were not good - lots of clinging and crying from him, and frustration on my part with how the teachers handled it (or didn't handle it). I was about to throw in the towel (ha!), but decided to call the manager and ask for her advice. They ended up putting a "floater" teacher in the pool to be assigned just to David to help him adjust to the class. He basically got a private lesson the first week, and then the week after that he skirted the edge of his class and was practically participating by the end! I am really excited that we persevered and had success!

*Katy is zooming around the neighborhood on her bike, which is equal parts fun and terrifying. Even within my sight, I can't get to her fast enough if she starts to fall. It's just the first part of letting go, I am sure. Giving up the afternoon quiet time has been an adjustment for her and I. My new goal is to get something set up for her that will keep her busy for a period of time. She's doing read-along books/CDs, crafts, and these kindergarten readiness workbooks. (Lest you think I am pushing academics on her, I swear, this is what she wants to do.) But mentally, it's hard to adjust to days without any break. About once a week, she takes herself over to the couch and falls asleep. 


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Kelsey said...

Harper loved workbooks at that age too! I think some of the shine has worn off now that she does paper work in school. :-)

I hope David is feeling much, MUCH better.

bluedaisy said...

Katie is amazing on the bike...and the loss of naptime? Tragic! I feel your pain!