Wednesday, April 27, 2011

David's version of a fit

First up: David. Being three is so tough. Trying to assert your will, having only a handful of control over your life, and your emotions are so intense! And so many rollercoasters to ride. I had thought (and even shared here) that we had the potty training thing down (again), but no. We're back to more accidents than successes and only going when I make him, and there are often tears in the process. Potty training is SUCH an enhausting process. A disgusting one, too.

But in this feature, I am over-praising because we have really had to encourage David to get on a bike with pedals. He doesn't want to, isn't interested, tries to pedal for 2 seconds and gets frustrated. So I was excited that he started to do it a little bit, even with the downhill slope. Then he adds a classic three year old moment: gets too easily frustrated and throws a fit - at least a David version.

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Kelsey said...

Oh Michael refuses to pedal a bike - just pushes along with his feet. And the crossed arms are VERY familiar.