Sunday, March 27, 2011

3!!! Three. THREE?!?!?

My sweet David,

Oh, my dear son, how you have taught me the meaning of the word sweetheart! When I think about the past year, I just can't believe how many huge changes you have navigated with relative ease. You've become a big brother, learned to use the potty, started sleeping in a bed, and are able to speak your mind like a big kid. But through all of that, you have remained the same kind and sensitive little boy that you have been since birth.

I never expected how much I could enjoy an obsessed with cars. Specifically Disney Cars. It is so endearing, your love for the movie and the characters in it. We've all seen the show so many times that some of the quotes are part of our daily dialogue. I know all their names, their lines, and which stores carry which characters. When your dad and I discovered a clearance on the Cars die casts a few weeks before your birthday, we were like kids in a candy store. Although you would have been 100% satisfied with your cake, a balloon, and "Peterbilt". (You spotted him at Big Lots and haven't stopped talking about him since).

You were sweet about the cake, too, insisting that you just wanted another Thomas cake like last year. But once you saw the cake and realized that you would get to play with King and Chick when we were done, you forgot about Thomas. I really enjoyed making this cake for you.

It's no doubt that Katy is your best friend in this world at the moment. You miss her when she's at school, and look for her when she's not in the room. You bicker like crazy, of course, but you love each other. Even now that you have your own bed, you nap in her bed, like she's a rock star that you idolize.

You've adjusted well to having a baby brother. At first you really just ignored him, going about your business. But as Luke has gotten older, you are more interested in playing with him. You even try to drag him around and wrestle with him (too hard!). I hope and pray that you two will be good buddies in years to come.

You are such a sensitive boy, even to the point of causing some challenges. When you are hurt, it often seems as if your little world is coming to an end, and it can be difficult to get you to calm down. But on the other hand, you are concerned about others when they are hurting, and you will offer to share something of yours when someone is sad.

Although you are certainly active, you are more interested in playing games with your sister and acting out Cars scenes than riding bikes or playing ball games. You guys are always making up pretend scenarios, playing store, restaurant, and doctor. You are such a good sport, because your sister likes to call the shots. 

This year promises to be a big one, too. You will enter preschool in the fall, and you can't wait. You are so excited to go to the pool and the zoo this summer. I can't wait to get to know you even better as you mature into a little boy. You make me proud and break my heart all at once. 

I love you buddy. Hugga hugga. 
Happy Birthday!


Natalie said...

Hi Emily! I just wanted to leave you a comment, since you were so sweet to leave one on my blog! This is a sweet post about your little guy, and I share a lot of your same sentiments! Jonathan will be 3 in October, and I honestly cannot believe how quickly the time has gone! David seems to be such a sweet little guy! Happy 3rd Birthday to him!!

Kate said...

Awesome cake!!!

Kelsey said...

Happy birthday David!

Em, did you make that cake? It looks great - I'm so impressed!

Emily said...

Yes, Kelsey, I made it. If you google (under "images") "race track cake" there are tons of examples and it was really easy compared to last year's!

Pam said...

Happy Birthday David!!! I hope he had a blast and that cake looks awesome Emily. You are so talented.

bluedaisy said...

Happy THREE to David :) So glad he enjoyed it...and that cake is amazing. That is just not in my skill set and I am truly impressed! Hope David always keeps his sweet, sensitive nature :)

Erin said...

What a sweetheart. Reminds me of my Emmett. I can't believe he's already three!!

(The cake? SO AWESOME!)