Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter: A Pictorial

Before I go wordless, a few things to say. We had a nice Easter, although it was WET. The kids had a blast and were almost as excited as they were for Christmas. Katy sat in Big Church with us and it was nice. Luke wore the outfit that David wore on his first Easter, and then randomly I got a hand-me-down matching outfit for David! Love it when that stuff works out. We did the usual egg-related activities between the raindrops. We were a little sad that we didn't see any family, wishing that they were close enough to pop over for an egg hunt. But it was a nice weekend.

I took lots of videos this week and I'm going to spread some of them out over the coming week.

Finally, ten days left to sponsor for Traffick Jam! If you are more of a Paypal type of person, there is a link to donate via Paypal. You're supposed to put Traffick Jam 2011 in the "purpose" box. I'm not sure if it will be attached to my name or not, but that doesn't matter, as long as the cause is supported.


KG said...

Sweet! Wish we could have been there. See you soon.

bluedaisy said...

So adorable!!! Love the outfits and the kids together with different expressions :) It's nice to see you guys in there too...This might be the only year we've ever managed to get a semi-decent family photo on Easter.

Kelsey said...

The outfits! That was a stroke of luck. I love the pictures Em - you have such a beautiful family.