Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Triumph in the Pediatrician's Office

Major milestone in Katy's little world: today we went for a check-up, and she did not cry one. single. tear. And she even got a shot. I know, right?

Besides the relief of a healthy check-up, this is significant for Katy after a long battle with a severe fear of medical professionals. It started around 18 months with bizarre almost seizure-like activity. It peaked many times since, including well-visits and sick. All of our cases of strep throat this spring forced us to work on it more often.

So I told her about the visit last night, she started to protest, and then she talked herself down off the ledge, saying, "at first I feel nervous, but then it's ok." She brought her blankie, and she sat on my lap while we waited for Dr. B, but she was totally fine once he entered the room. She was even bouncing around being silly with David while I talked to him. And THEN, although they had previously told me she didn't need a shot, I had to spring that one upon her. Again, she sat nervously in my lap, and said, "ouch," but it was over so quickly and she was more focused on the sparkly band-aid and the sucker. Sweet victory!

So we talked about night terrors and growing pains, and the fact that she resists pooping, but other than that everything looks good. Oh, but if she gets strep one more time in the somewhat near future, we will be referred to an ENT.

The funniest part to me was the stats:

Weight: 32 pounds, 20 %'ile

Height: 38.25", 20 %'ile

I've been noticing lately how short Katy is compared to her peers, and this explains it. He said that she's on track to be about 5' 2". Right on, girl. At 5' 3.5", I'm the tallest woman in my family, so that sounds about right.


Grammy said...

You know how the song goes: 5 ft 2, eyes of blue, but OH what those 5 feet can do!!!!She's such a GAL!


Grammy said...

Almost forgot, her daddy said "ouch" when he received a shot too! (and with no tears)

Kelsey said...

Goooo Katy! So happy her doctor experience is improving because that's one she can't really get around. Sounds like she's even braver than Harper w/ shots.

Um, 32 pounds? Has David caught her yet? Because Michael is almost there... she's such a little doll!

Kelly said...

What cracks me up is that, in the face, Kimmy and Katy look so similar and, yet, by heights you'd never guess they're related! Someone thought that a picture we have of Katy on top of our piano was Kimmy. At Kimmy's well check this month she was 89th percentile, on track to be at least 5'8." Guess it's their mom's genes at play! Carolyn is "only" 70th % in height!