Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Check back tomorrow

Well, it's 8pm on Tuesday evening and I got nothin', so we'll be induced tomorrow at 8am. It's a very strange feeling to know that tomorrow is The Day. I cuddled the kids extra tightly as I put them to bed, and I packed my bag the night before. And I'm a bit nervous, never having had an induction before. I'm wondering how long it will take and how my body will react. (Of course, both previous times I've gone into active labor on my own, but they've still had to break my water and give me pitocin when I've stalled, so hopefully it won't be THAT different)

Brian will try to send updates to the blog from his phone as the day progresses. Please pray for healthy mommy and baby, and specifically for my epidural experience, which was less than stellar last time. It really gives me peace to know that people are praying, so thank you.

Family of five, let's do it!


bluedaisy said...

Prayers up and wishes for a great birth experience. I was induced with #1 and it went just fine. I wasn't dialated at all really so they started out with something called "cervadil"? Don't know the spelling but it was meant to soften the cervix...then pitocin came later. It took about 17 hours from start to baby which sounds scary but was actually fine. Plus this is your 3rd so that makes a difference in a good way :) Here's to a smooth delivery, a healthy mommy and a healthy baby!!! So excited and can't wait to hear the official news!!

Kelsey said...

Oh Emily! I'll be going crazy tomorrow and we have some morning out-and-about business and these are the times when I wish I had a fancy phone so I could check on things when I'm away... I'll be saying lots of prayers. My epidural w/ Michael was cake so I will pray you get a similarly skilled doc helping you!!!

Giselle said...

So excited for you! I can't wait to hear the little guy's name and the whole birth story.

Good luck!