Monday, June 07, 2010

Updates and The Waiting Game

(pictures from our trip to meet my grandparents at Young's Dairy, and the kids enjoying the bubble gun they gave them)

My neighbor offered to take my kids for the morning...just because. I can't remember the last time I was in the house alone. It's awesome.

I'm nine days from my due date, but I hadn't made any further progress at my last OB check, so I'm still assuming I'll wait until next week to deliver. I've officially gotten past all my plans and appointments and "it'd be nice to wait untils," so I really feel like I'm just waiting now. Which is a tough mental game to play. However, I've come down with a cold and have no voice, so I would certainly prefer to wait until I am feeling well to go into labor.

Our new washing machine was delivered on Friday, and I welcomed it with seven loads of laundry in the first 48 hours. But I really like it so far, and the kids are mesmerized by watching the clothes spinning around in circles. The only downfall so far is that it takes a full hour to do a big load, which I almost always do. But that really only matters for the first load, because after that, the dryer takes an hour anyway, so no big deal.

Work has been CAH-RAZY lately. One day last week I set a new record for me, which was logging six hours in one day (and I try really hard to only work when the kids are sleeping, so that makes for a long day). As of today, I am technically on maternity leave. I'm sure I'll be checking in this week and smoothing out the transition to the person who is covering for me, but it's a huge weight off my shoulders to hand that over.

I've been thinking lately about how Katy and David seem to have entered a relatively "easy stage" in the past couple of months. Of course they are still very busy and it takes a lot of work to care for them, but they are downright enjoyable and pleasant, and we aren't having any serious battles at the moment (enter newborn here). Compared to a year ago, 2 and 4 is really nice, and they are doing so much of life together it's days, it's great to watch. Of course a new baby is going to throw a serious wrench into this system, but I'm glad that the older two are doing well when we're about to mix things up a bit.

I can't believe that my husband, who isn't typically a fan of teeny-bopper shows or music in general - has gotten me addicted to Glee. The Ohio references are fun, though.

I'm using our ancient laptop to post this because we've been having issues with our regular laptop. I swear, if one more thing breaks in this house!! Luckily, my husband works in IT, and Dell has fabulous warranties. So if Brian can't fix it, we'll be able to get it replaced without cost. But seriously, that's it!! (Don't know if I mentioned that we had to replace the dishwasher in our rental last week, too.)

I went to this massive kids garage sale this weekend, and it's pitiful how happy it makes me. While we were waiting in line, my friend asked me what was on my list. I stuttered....and she said, "Please don't tell me you're here because this is fun for you." Yep, pretty much. BUT! I got a whole set of Big Boy Room decor - super cute firetrucks on a twin quilt, pillow, nightlight, and five pieces of wall decor, most of it from Pottery Barn. Now I'm anxious to decide what we're going to do about the bedrooms so I can set it up for David. I know he will love it.

I need to get Brian to test it out and see if he'll be able to send updates to the blog from his phone while we're in the hospital. That was fun last time to be able to let everyone know our progress. Hopefully we'll figure it out, and one way or another we'll have news to report in the next couple of weeks.


Erin said...

It is SO exciting from my end, to check your blog... today? TODAY? I cannot wait to (virtually) meet your new little guy!

I felt the EXACT SAME WAY before Willa was born, thinking that two kids was finally easy. We'll get to that point with three kids too. Right?

LOVE all the pics.

Oh, and I can practially taste Young's ice cream just seeing the photos. That is the best ice cream in the history of the world. No question.

Allecia said...

Ok, so I'm tired of waiting for you! Can't wait to see your little guy and hear how it all goes. Sending many prayers your way!

Pamela said...

I'm so glad for you for a lot of things (your new washer for example) but I'm so jealous that you say your two older kids are easy right now. My two belong in a zoo right now :-)
Good luck - I'm foot tapping and waiting waiting for the new little chap to arrive. X