Monday, March 01, 2010

Weekend hiccups

(side note: I was about to use the word "snafu" in the title and went to to make sure I was spelling/using it correctly. Then I read the "origin," and it was enough to make me change my mind about using the word. I had no idea. The last two letters of the word might give you a clue.)

Plan for the weekend:

1) Visit from Brian's folks, sure to include playtime for kiddos and lots of college basketball.

2) Cook a month's worth of meals to freeze.

Simple enough.

Not in the plan:

1) Saturday morning fever from David, very fussy toddler, and puking for the first time in his life (thankfully only once, and in the kitchen, for relatively easy clean-up).

2) Hearing a crash, and then noticing insulation in the backyard, only to discover that your entire gutter is hanging by a thread and exposing your attic to the elements. On Saturday at 4:00. More snow predicted for Sat. night.

Secrets to success despite hiccups:

1) In-laws who are happy to play with a toddler even though he's puking, and will even take a break to chop some vegetables. (I have 24ish meals in the freezer, and spreading it out over the weekend went much more smoothly for me.)

2) An incredibly generous and skilled neighbor who was able to bring a second ladder and offer wisdom and assistance on how to re-hang the gutter until roofers can get here this week. Even a neighbor who has an overflowing plate of his own right now. (The gutter is back to normal and a roofer is scheduled to come on Wednesday to talk about the options. Obviously it has to stop snowing before they can do much.)


Weed said...

Yikes! I heard two of the moms talking at dance this morning about a broken gutter--I didn't know it was YOU they were talking about! Rachel missed Katy this morning. I hope everyone stays healthy the rest of the week and you can get the roof fixed without too much trouble (or expense!).

Oma Froehle said...

(Good catch on SNAFU. Most people who use it don't have a clue what it stands for.)

Your weekends are so . . . interesting. :-) Glad you had extra hands to entertain the kids while you cooked ahead.

Pam said...

What a nightmare! There's always something with houses isn't there. I remember years ago when the ceiling fell in our kitchen - while we were stood in there! Good luck. X