Saturday, March 27, 2010

He's Two.

My Dearest David. Bubs. Davey-Bubs. Bubby-boo. My boy.

In one way, I can't believe that you are two. But in another, I can hardly remember what life was like without you. It seems like a distant past, because it's hard to imagine not knowing your happy little face.

I was just looking at some videos from your first birthday, and you have changed four times over since then. At this time last year, we lived in a different house, you didn't walk or talk, still nursed, and you were very much a smiley chunk of a baby boy.

But now! You are so big! You run up and down the sidewalk pushing your "bike," wrestle with your sister, speak in short sentences, count to 12 (with a little help), take turns, play games, and throw yourself on the floor when you are frustrated. You insist on doing so many things "by-self." This includes many things that you couldn't possibly do, like buckle yourself into your car seat, but you seem down right insulted if we don't let you try.

If there are two things that you love in this world, it's cars and food. You talk about cars on your pajamas, in your books, on the street, in your toy box, on bottles of salad dressing, and anywhere else that you might spot one. Your love of them is so deep, it's endearing.

You also enjoy every opportunity to eat. I'm embarrassed to say that your favorite food is french fries. If there is a single french fry on the table, on your plate or anyone else's, you won't eat anything else until they are gone. I'd like to redeem myself as a mom and say that you love lots of other things like all kinds of fruit and yogurt and carrots, but your passion for them doesn't rival the Almighty Fry.

I was worried about bonding with a son, but you are Mommy's boy and I love our relationship. When you wake up in your crib, you stand up and yell, "Mommy! ARE YOU????" (Where are you?) until I enter the room. You spent much of your first year on my hip, and much of your second on my lap, fingers in your mouth. There isn't much more rewarding than the excitement that a little guy shows for his mom as she enters the room. You are such a cuddly boy, and your momma loves that.

Of course, you love your Daddy and Katy, too. Recently we got another car seat so that we could take one kid in "Daddy's car." You would've thought that you'd been to Disney World to see the look on your face when you got to ride in Daddy's car the first time. It's the highlight of your day when Daddy comes home, and he's your best playmate.

I love the way you say Katy's name: it sounds like "Key." You two are becoming such good buds, playing together often. Of course, you bicker, screaming, "NO KEY! MY TORN!" But you are often found in the corner reading books together, coloring with markers, or playing ball outside. You are comfortable together and good for each other.

I'm sure you have no idea what is about to rock your world in three month's time. But my hope is that you and your brother will be close for your whole life. As long as you don't kill each other first.

You are such a good mannered kiddo. Many times if you request something like, "Snack, Mommy," and I say, "Not right now, buddy, we'll have snack at the park," you'll just say, "Otay," and go about your business. Other toddlers I have known, *ahem*, wouldn't have responded so gently.

Today we're going to celebrate. Some of your grandparents and your aunt and (almost) uncle will be here, and I'm attempting to make a Thomas the Train cake. My wish for you today is that you have a truly enjoyable time, that you feel as loved as you are, and that we would appreciate how blessed we have been for these past two years to have you in our lives. I can't wait to see what this year will bring.

Happy Birthday, Bubs. Hugga, hugga. Mommy loves you.


bluedaisy said...

Happy Birthday David! What a lovely birthday letter and wow, he is so adorable :) Hope you have a great weekend and that Katy is able to enjoy the fun. There is something so sweet about a momma's boy :)

Beth said...

Happy Birthday David!!!! I cannot believe you are 2.

Weed said...

Happy Birthday, David!! I hope your party is lots of fun!

Mommy Daisy said...

Happy Birthday, David! I can't believe he's already 2!