Thursday, March 04, 2010

If Momma Ain't Happy...

When Brian and I got married, the wedding lasted well into the evening, and then we had an early flight the following morning. I don't remember how early, but I remember thinking, "Ugh."

So we woke up early the morning after our wedding, caught a shuttle from the hotel to the airport, wrestled through the boarding process, and settled in for our flight to Reno, NV. Finally, we'd have a couple of hours to relax and talk about all the details that have gone on over the past 24 hours as we threw the biggest party of our lives for everyone we knew and committed to be husband and wife for the rest of our lives.

But we didn't anticipate the guy who would be sitting next to us on the plane. From the moment he sat down, we knew we were in for a trip. This guy was a Piece. Of. Work. He didn't stop engaging us in conversation from the moment he sat down, telling us every detail of his life, his business, his wife, his kids, his house, etc, etc, etc.

Even though it was a little annoying, we were giggling the entire time, because you couldn't help but laugh at the guy. I mean, who is this guy?

So about an hour into the flight, he somehow discovers that we just got married yesterday and we're on our way to our honeymoon. He's floored that we didn't tell him until now. (Perhaps if he had taken a breath). So then he starts in on the marriage advice. Again, we are cracking up.

Then it happened: he turned to Brian and gave him a piece of advice that would be repeated on a regular basis in our household, half jokingly, but with a grain of truth. He said, "Let me tell you something, son:

'If Momma Ain't Happy...Ain't Nobody Happy.'"

So for all this time, I've thought that Mr. Airplane Talker had created this hilarious piece of wisdom, even words to live by, really. But then I googled it and realized that it's a song. Actually, there seem to be several songs with this title that are very different.

But original or not, that guy will be with our family forever, as we bring it up quite often. Because it's true. So true.

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Oma Froehle said...

This is good advice to remember for BOTH Momma and Daddy. The doctor once told me that it's no small task to be the emotional hub of a family. That's why it's REALLY important to take good care of yourself both physically and emotionally. :-)