Sunday, March 28, 2010

Party Hardy (or is it Hearty?)

We've celebrated, and it was a great day. Everyone was healthy (even Katy seemed to be feeling fine), in good spirits, the weather was decent, and we got to spend some relaxing time with family. Birthday success!

Not sure if I mentioned that this was going to be my first attempt at making Wilton cake. It took hours and I was a little disappointed in how it turned out (it's so hard to get the colors exactly right), and THEN part of it got messed up by the foil overnight, but my family did a good job of convincing me that it looked good. I would attempt it again, I think it will be a little easier now that I've done one.

He was happy with it, which is the important part, right?

Now he can be cool like Katy.

It's funny how you have to convince two year olds to open presents, but by the time they're three they can hardly wait.

OH! A drum set? Thanks, Oma! :)

This mini picnic table (with umbrella) is a joint gift for the kids from Grammy and Papa John. I am excited to eat many meals out here this spring and summer.

Aunt Mel got back from the Dominican Republic just in time to join us. She and Aaron are in full-force wedding planning mode.

Dad and Sue helped us kick off the grilling season.

He grinned from ear to ear while we sang...

...and licked his cake plate clean. Happy Birthday, Bubs! It was a fun day.


Jen said...

So glad you had a good time celebrating with your family! Your first cake turned out great! And it does get easier the more you do it, though Mom has me spoiled, so I don't do it much! =)

Pam said...

Happy birthday David! It was great to see you and I'm sorry Danny kept stealing your new ball. X