Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lime-light for #3

Update: We're doing much better than last week. Thanks so much for your encouragement. David's fever remained low grade through the weekend, but we were able to enjoy some incredible weather, cross quite a bit off the to-do list, and clean the CRAZY out of this house. Spring cleaning is good for the soul, especially when your husband does the hard parts. I think/hope that we're healthy, for now. Good thing, because someone has a birthday this week!

As my friend Cindy mentioned recently, we need to give this third pregnancy a little lime-light. So, oh my goodness, I haven't taken a belly shot since 13 weeks, and here I am, TWENTY EIGHT weeks (is that the third trimester already?). So let's start with that. And I always like to compare to past pregnancies.

29 weeks with Katy

29 weeks with David

28 weeks with #3. How can my OB say that I'm measuring exactly on track? And how can I add 12 more weeks of girth?


Pam said...

You look gorgeous woman! I'm glad you are giving the new baby some lime-light.
Happy Birthday to David for this weekend!!!

bluedaisy said...

oh, i LOVE the pregnant belly! you look beautiful & i hope this 3rd trimester is good to you :)

Jen said...

You look great! And #3 will just have to get used to not getting as much attention. Poor Emmaline! I have her baby book and scrapbook, but they are sadly bare. Something it took OCD me a LONG time to come to grips with.