Friday, August 07, 2009

This Week: Crazy

This weekend I am hosting a bridal shower/bachelorette/slumber party for one of my dearest friends Cindy. I've known her since 7th grade, she's been my BFF for years and years, through many addresses and jobs and life stages. We shared a 500 sq. ft. apartment when I first moved here for a few months before she relocated. Now she is marrying Chan and I am so happy for them. So it's a big party, a big deal, and I've been getting ready for a while.

So last weekend we had a couple of crazy things happen. First of all, Katy's rambunctious nature caused her to have a very scary fall. It was so unsettling that I couldn't write about it for a couple of days until we were in the clear. I didn't sleep the night after it happened, I was so worried. I'll share the details with you in person, but I'd rather not lay it out here.

Then after a long day of yard work (Brian, I can't take credit), my husband apparently ate something he shouldn't have (we have some ideas). He missed 3 days (!!) of work, which is unfounded. Not only was I concerned for him, but I spent the week hoping and praying that it wasn't a virus that would spread to the rest of us. (I have such a hard time telling if that kind of sick is stomach flu or food poisoning?) But he got better, and the rest of have never had any symptoms. So I'm breathing a big (cautious) sigh of relief as the festivities get underway.

But! In the midst of it all, the kids are so cute and funny!

I told Katy that she was going to a birthday party at a swimming pool. She argued, "But Mommy, you don't go swimming at a birthday party!" I told her that yes, sometimes you do. She looked confused. Then we were reviewing that the birthday girl will get to blow out the candles and open the presents. She said, "But Mommy! I'm a great sticky tape taker-offer!"

I accidentally left the gate at the bottom of the stairs open, and I noticed David head in that direction and then get quiet. I was pretty sure he had gone upstairs, so I pretended to sneak up there and said, "I caught you! You're sneaky!" He laughed so hard for several minutes. He was literally holding his belly he was laughing so hard. He thought it was absolutely hilarious that he snuck up the stairs.

We went to Katy's preschool this week to drop off paperwork, so this was the first time she got to see it. She could not stop talking about her school. Her school had pretty flowers and her school had a playground, and her school had a kitchen! She really wants me to leave her there. She told me, "Next time, Mommy, you take me to my school and then you leave." Yes, ma'am.

David could eat snacks until the cows come home. He's very good at communicating (even if in an unpleasant tone) what he would like to eat. And if for some reason you won't let him have it: take cover. It does not go over well. If there are chips, french fries, or toast in his line of sight, that's all he can think about, so we keep those things hidden as much as possible.

Katy had a really good week on the potty. Perhaps it just takes a week to recover from being away? I hope not, because we have more traveling coming up.

I just love all of Katy's questions these days.
"Mommy, does the dentist let you clean your teeth yourself or do they help you?"
"Mommy, why do you take a shower all day?" (she meant every day - haha)
"Is this nap or ni-night?"
"Are we going to eat outside or inside?"
"What are we going to do next?"
"Will this store have cars?" (the carts shaped like cars)
"Do we need to pack a suitcase to go to the restaurant?"
"Am I going to live at school?"

I've been getting out to go for a walk some evenings after the kids are in bed. It's just 30 minutes, but it's the perfect combination of quiet and hushed neighborhood activity. Just enough space to clear my mind and have a little perspective on my days. And while I would love for Brian to be able to join me (double stroller - not the same), the alone time is nice. I think it's good for me. And for us. Hopefully it will keep the spazzing in check.


Allecia said...

Love the age where they say such fun things! I've just started walking too...but in the a.m. before the kids are up and before my hubby leaves. I agree, it's good for my metal/emotional health. Wish you lived closer, I'd love a walking partner.

Oma Froehle said...

The shower was beautiful and the weekend was amazing. I hope to post some pictures on my blog tonight! You made it!

Mommy Daisy said...

I bet the shower turned out great.

I love the Katy is READY for school. So cute. I think Zachariah would be the same way, he's so independent. But we've decided to keep him home for now.

Also, laughing to hard at David. What a cutie pie!